April 18, 2021

15+ Relatable Comics That Illustrate Mum’s Life Perfectly

When you become a parent, your whole world circles around your newborn. You experience a lot of things and sometimes you feel like you’re the only one going through all that lovely mess that a child can create. But if you’ve felt alone so far, you won’t anymore after you check out these lovely comics below by Héloïse Weiner.

She is an artist who decided to share her experience as a mom through her comics. After she had her second child, she started to use all those snippets of her family into short comics, and it was a surprise to her how many people out there were able to relate to her, having the exact same situation with their kids.

“Most people tell me they can relate to the situations I draw, which creates a community spirit. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one going through these things, and I think it’s nice for other mothers to realize we actually all know what it’s like. We have good days and bad days, sometimes kids are hilarious and other times the sweetest ever, and other times you wonder if they have a brain. It’s so much fun,” said Weiner for Earthwonders.

Now a mom of six kids, she still continues doing her funny comics. Knowing the challenges of both parenting and working at the same time, the artist told us how she manages to keep a balance between both.

“I only do my comics when my husband is home to look after the kids (we both work part-time!) I couldn’t find the time without him,” explained Héloïse.

With the children being the source of her inspiration, we can say as a mother of six she will never fail to amuse us with her comics.

“I love being a mum. All my comics are based on real-life anecdotes and my kids never fail to inspire me haha,” added Héloïse.

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1.  When the kids are bored.

2. Mommy needs her nap time

3. Motherhood is wonderful 

4. When they’re telling a story

5. The struggles of taking a nice smiley pictures

6. The endless whys? 

7. All the reasons to avoid this question

8. When it’s bath time

9. Can’t remember. Sorry!

10. All you need to know before labor 

11. Insomnia 

12. The ‘precious’ times 

13. Just stay away from the bedroom

14. Yes!

15.  When mom says no once 

16.  Years of experience 

17.  A mom’s day

18. How do they do it?

19. Mommy has to carry everything

20.  Yesterday was yesterday!