20 Hilarious Comics by Scribbly G With Endings No One Can Expect

Scribbly G is a hilarious webcomic artist that amuses the audience with his sense of humor. His comics are short with three to four panels, going up to six maximum where he uses these borders to illustrate his comics with dark humor and twisted ending.  His comics are one of a kind, ending in a way that no one will imagine.

To learn more about his work, Earthwonders reached out to him to answer our questions from his perspective as a creator.

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“How I got into making comics… well one day I asked my doctor why the expensive depression medication hadn’t fixed me yet, and why is it making me so fat. He looked up from his notepad, nodded, and went “uh huh uh huh uh huh.” He looked at the clock that was placed on the shelf behind my head so he could pretend to be looking at me while checking the time. He then said, “that’s all we have time for today.” Something like that.

I realized how little he cared, and on the way home I decided that I needed to deal with my problems on my own. I stopped taking my medication and started researching ways of living with depression, and one of the things was to write out my feelings. It was like talking to a therapist without having to watch them nod at me and ask for money. I was surprised with how well it worked, so I kept doing it, and eventually, I started making little doodles next to my writing which then led me to make my comics,” shared the artist.


Scribbly G said one of the strongest reasons why he creates comics is fear. He said that that’s the reason why he does it, he doesn’t want to take his medication again, and if he stops creating he’ll go back to the dark place. He creates these hilarious comics using his apple pencil and iPad. ” My brain then tells my hand to draw something funny, my hand laughs and does its own thing”


The artist also shared with us the challenges he faces along the way while creating. ” Coming up with ideas, that’s the easy part. I’ve never had a problem with coming up with ideas because my brain is always thinking stupid things. Getting it to shut up is hard. The drawing part I struggle with. The better I try to make the comic look, the worse it gets. If you try and make something look right, and you get it wrong, it’s super obvious it’s wrong and it looks awful, but if you purposely draw it wrong, it’s funny and it looks fine. So I’m trying to get better at drawing wrong.”



































25 Human Versions Of Famous Cartoon Characters And Animal Pictures By Shannon Lee

Most of us watched cartoons when we were little; a lot of us still watch them now. Cartoons were, especially, the favorite part of everyone’s childhood memories. Waking up in the morning positioned before the TV we watched for several hours until the time for school was up. The characters were usually animals, objects, or monsters. Because let’s be fair, humans are a bit boring. We would much rather see a big, furry monster going on adventures than just a simple human. And in a way, we always found ourselves personifying them as our friends.

However, an artist known as Shannon Lee has illustrated famous cartoon characters in human form and shows that perhaps humans are not so boring after all. She draws awesome illustrations of human characters inspired by various animals, either from animation or pictures, making our cartoon friends come to life as everyday humans. Very unique and original the way they are made is so catchy we would gladly see them on any movie animation company.

The young artist hits it close to home and maintains the unique traits of the source, all the while doing it in her own style. Her style is very specific and unique, which you don’t see very often. They try to make the characters look different, eye-catching, and represent as many people as possible.

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