April 21, 2021

25 Adorable Comics Featuring Animals That Transmit a Positive Vibe

Animals are known for spreading positive energy when they’re around you, they look so ‘Zen’, no worries, no stress, they’re just there to snuggle with you and make you feel better. When we think of these animals, in our mind we’re thinking about a fluffy feline or a dog, not so much for an alligator.

But these comics you’re about to see below might change your mind.

Chow Hon Lam is a children’s book illustrator and comic creator, and the man behind Buddy Gator comic series which started on the 22nd of June 2020. Earthwonders reached out to Chow to ask him more about his work, and what inspired him to feature an alligator as the main character in his comics.

“I started this series during the pandemic, I had more time at home, I was thinking of creating something that can warm people up and bring a smile to their face, especially in a hard time of 2020. The reason I choose an alligator is to try to tell people not to judge a book by its cover, alligators can be a heartwarming buddy too,” said the artist for Earthwonders.

In the Buddy Gator series, we see a wide range of topics, for which the artist told us the source of his inspiration,. “The inspiration is from my daily life, stories from people around me, news we see on the internet, a post that my friends and family share on social media, and most of the time, it is from TV shows and movies, I like movies a lot,” added Chow.

Well, who doesn’t love animal comics that so light-heartedly deal with difficult times and comfort us to look for better things in life? A lot of people can relate to these cute comics that spread such a positive attitude.

Since I created this comic, I received a lot of heartwarming and supportive messages from my followers, it’s something I never expect. I hope I can keep creating and warm people’s hearts with my comics.”

Scroll down below to check some adorable and funny comics that will put a smile on your face.

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