March 3, 2021

30+ Animal Comics To Inspire People To Love And Care For Themselves

Every once in a while we feel a little discouraged with the things we go through in life and we need an arm to lean on. It can be difficult to go through these tough moments alone, that’s why you need the help of your loved ones to overcome them. For this particular reason, Jangandfox Studio created a series of adorable animals illustrations that inspire self-love and self-care to help raise mental health awareness.

“The start of Jangandfox is inspired by some of my favorite childhood cartoons and stories like Winnie the Pooh, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Little Prince. Their stories and illustrations remind me very much of the language of children – one of simplicity, wonderment and absolute sincerity. Every comic is drawn from a personal thought, emotion or reflection spurred from daily encounters, overheard conversations and random reads,” said the illustrator Jang of Jangandfox studio for Earthwonders.

The comics spread a sense of positivity that is often absent among people. The artist says that they are drawn from her understanding of our instinctive yearning for connection, acceptance and healing, which applies to all humans. “I believe that’s what makes the series of comics relatable to many who respond with own stories and draw the connection that we’re all not alone. Each character has his/her own little things that they learn to love about themselves. For instance, the Little Bunny learns to appreciate her tiny hands that make great cakes and the Little Elephant learns to appreciate the sensitivity and intricate emotions he holds within his big body (that’s why he’s blue, literally). My favorites are Little Elephant, who is the closest to my thoughts most of the times, and Little Fox, whose wisdom I always wished I had,” explains Jang for Earthwonders.

“In a broadest sense, I hope my works tell meaningful stories and elicit sentiments that can connect us all. Most of the times, the protagonists of the stories are the little things in life that we miss out or forget, such as the bubbles we all play with as kids but forget its joy as an adult or the dandelions along the street that we used to admire for their freedom.”

Check out these adorable illustrations and their powerful message in the gallery below.

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#1 You Can Be Sweet Too!

#2 Love Looks Good On You

#3 Treat Yourself As You Would For Someone

#4 Goodbye Means See You Again

#5 Giving Is Loving

#6 It’s Okay To Shed A Past

#7 And Don’t Forget The Little Things

#8 You Are Trusted

#9 It’s Okay To Feel Otherwise

#10 Be Kind To Yourself Too

#11 Listening Is Precious (In Collaboration With Association For Suicide Prevention)

#12 Be Patient On Yourself

#13 Be Kind

#14 Sit With Someone

#15 Try Some Love

#16 You Are Magic

#17 Find Your Own Perfect Moment

#18 Just One More

#19 You Are Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

#20 Some Beauty Can’t Be Seen

#21 You’re Huggable

#22 Keep Happy Things

#23 Make Yourself Count

#24 Stock Up On Compassion

#25 You Matter

#26 Give And Receive Love

#27 Don’t Forget To Breathe

#28 You’re Extraordinary In Your Way

#29 Dream Big

#30 Carry The Light