Artist Creates Funny Relatable Girl Comics Adding Humor to the Struggles Women Face Everyday

After graduating from university in Media and Communications in 2018, Sasha Tsoy wanted to do something more exciting that would involve some of her favorite hobbies. She started creating comics around that time when relatable girl comics were getting popular, and she joined the discourse adding her relatable situations while making a lot of women come closer seeing the struggles that we all face together as a gender.

“Making a fun comic about my struggles helps me feel better about them. Especially when after posting I truly understand how many people are there with me, feeling similar things. I like the sense of community with other people and women especially,” said Sasha when reached out by Earthwonders.

The artist said she gets a lot of positive feedback from people who like her comics, but on the other hand, there are negative feedbacks as well. “The reactions on my page are mostly positive! But when my comics reach some other corners of the internet, I do get a lot of hate too. From people telling me to kill myself to writing paragraphs detailing how much they hate my drawings. No one really prepares you with how to deal with stuff like this. Hopefully one day people will understand that my comics are meant to just be light-hearted entertainment and they realize that things like this shouldn’t cause such negative emotions.”

But for sure, if you’re a woman seeing these comics there will be at least one of these situations you will relate to. The best thing about these comics is to put some humor on the struggles we face daily and to know that we are no the only ones.

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Designer Creates Adorable Illustrations Inspired By All Kinds Of Things

Logo designer Alfrey Davilla is an illustrator who makes various adorable illustrations that would be perfect logos because of how simple and eye-catching they are. Like many other artists, Davilla as well gets influenced by everything that surrounds him.

More specifically, he creates logos from random photos, animal pictures, items, and all sorts of things. His illustrations are quite simple, yet so cute. Particularly, some of his beautiful drawings even became company logos! 

We love his amazing, touching work, therefore we wanted to share it with you all as well. With this intention, we’ve compiled a list of images from his Instagram page. Hence, scroll down below to check it out, and make sure to follow the artist for more. Also, make sure to upvote your favorite illustration!

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