April 23, 2021

Artist Illustrates Funny and Relatable Comics About the Struggles of Being a Parent

Having a kid it’s believed to be the best experience one can have. “You are reborn at the moment your child is born.” We hear a lot of those sentences filled with love when someone welcomes a newborn into their family. However wonderful and rewarding may this experience be, for sure it comes with its own set of challenges. Most of these struggles go unsaid by most of the moms, who try the hardest to accomplish every need of their baby. But Illustrator, Paula Kuka, shows us that the struggle is real. In her comic series Common Wild about parenthood,  she opens up about the good and the bad aspects of having children.

Some illustrations share her frustrations and fears, but they ultimately demonstrate just how much she adores her children. She began drawing her cartoons in the early days of being at home with her second baby. She started posting her drawing on Instagram, and slowly her follower started to increase quickly. As much as Kuka thought she was alone in this situation, there were a lot of people out there resonating with her.

“It’s a different view of motherhood than what we traditionally hear about,” she says. “We hear about the bliss and contentment, and we also hear about the other extreme—postnatal mental health issues. But not as much is said about the middle ground and the fact we can go from intense frustration, boredom, loneliness but also hilarity and overwhelming love in a matter of minutes. Most of us occupy this middle-ground.”

She is a mom of children ages one and four and she often feels overwhelmed by the responsibilities.  “Of course I feel like I have a million balls in the air at once but I know how incredibly lucky I am that I’ve found something that fulfills me that I can do and still be at home with my kids.”

H/T: Paula Kuka: Website | Instagram | Facebook



Paula Kuka: Website | Instagram | Facebook