April 23, 2021

Artist Illustrates 10 Mythical Creatures Struggling With 21st Century Problems By Attending Zoom Calls

Liverpool, UK-based illustrator/ cartoonist Joanne Sarginson started doing illustrations because of her humor blog, which she later decided to bring to life with drawings. She set up her Instagram account and started drawing stand-alone cartoons, which have been serving her as a fun distraction in the chaos of the last year.

Her latest comic series that caught our attention is the “10 Mythical Creatures Attending a Zoom Meeting.”

Since we’ve all been experiencing most of our social life in zoom meetings, the artist illustrates these 10 creatures going through the same thing as we did, and as it turns out humans aren’t the only ones that struggle to communicate through video conferencing software.

I came up with the idea for Medusa first and was running it past some of my friends (on a zoom call ironically!) and we just had an idea spiral really and had fun thinking about how different mythical creatures would find online communication,” said the artist when reached out by Earthwonders

The artist shared that she gets inspired by funny things that have happened in her life and things that she overhears or notices. She’s also lucky to be surrounded by a group of hilarious friends who are a source of inspiration and a good laugh.

Joanne also shared with us her working process: I tend to do a pencil sketch on paper first and then upload it onto my iPad and use Procreate to digitalize and color the drawing. I’ve definitely improved quite a lot since I first started drawing and have lots of room to improve more!”  

Scroll down below to see these creatures struggling with 21st-century problems.

More info: Instagram | joannesarginson.com | Facebook

1. Medusa After Checking Out Her Own Face On Zoom


2. Deadman Zooming


3. Frankenstein’s Monster Just Wants People To Hear Him Out


4. Hades’ Dog Causing Mayhem In The Background


5. Mermaid Has Finally Been Accepted As Part Of Our World. JoanneSarginson

6. Troll Doing What He Does Best


7.  Dracula Is Completely Unable To Check Out His Own Face JoanneSarginson

8. “Alexa, Who Is The Fairest Of Them All?”


9. Werewolf Hasn’t Had A Shave In Months JoanneSarginson

10. The Signal Starts Getting A Bit Dodgy Once You Hit The Upper Atmosphere