April 18, 2021

Artist Uses Disney Princesses to Illustrates Her Least Glamorous Pregnancy Moments

Anna Belenkiy is a digital artist who has chosen a very creative way of illustrating her first pregnancy. Being inspired by the Disney characters that have been part of her life since childhood to childbirth Anna decided to include the adorable princesses to illustrate her stages of pregnancy.

“Mulan has taught me to never give up and Ariel taught me to keep chasing my dreams,” said the artist when reached out by Earthwonders.


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Anna has been drawing her whole life, but became proficient in digital painting when she began her degree in animation 5 years ago. Her obsession with Disney princesses started at a very young age, when she first saw Ariel, who she says has been drawing her ever since.

“The idea for this series started when I got pregnant (this is my first pregnancy). Pregnancy has always been viewed as something glamorous and magical, especially when you look at other pregnant women and you want to be like them, but then reality came crashing down and I decided to use my beloved Disney princesses to document my least glamorous pregnancy moments,” shared the artist for Earthwonders.


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A post shared by Anna belenkiy (@annabell_illustration)

‘Pregnancy glow’ is a term we’ve heard many times, but that’s not something all women experience. Some struggle more during this time, and we can fully say that this mom-to-be did a great job illustrating just that. We congratulate Anna on her baby, and wish her a lovely ride down this journey called motherhood.

“I imagined my pregnancy really gentle and magical , no one prepared me to the fact that I’m gonna be a huge gas balloon without any control over my gasses”


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A post shared by Anna belenkiy (@annabell_illustration)

“Morning sickness that continues all over the day is a huge part if my day life as a pregnant woman”


“Want to dedicate this illustration to all the sensitive daddies  you are the best!”

“Mulan and Shang lee decided to celebrate super romantic valentine’s Day, but the upcoming baby warrior had a different plans for their romantic date”

“Oh god , I just realized that all of my pants and denims are just to tiny”

“They said pregnancy make you glow and pretty, glow and pretty in my ass !!! I looks like I haven’t slept for ages”

“What the hell is wrong with me? Can it be fixed?! I find myself hysterically crying about everything! My tears can fill a bathtub.”

The first trimester I slept almost all of the day, drooling all over my self and snorting like a pig”