April 23, 2021

‘It’s Just a Dog’ Comic Series Tries to Explain the Deep Connection Between a Dog and Its Human

When you adopt an animal, that animal it’s not just a pet living as a roommate, that animal become a child, a friend, you create a bond so strong that confuses a lot of people who don’t own a pet themselves. To them, that animal is could be just a dog or a cat, just someone you take care of, feed, take them out for a walk, but they never really get to see the connection you really create with them spiritually.

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A lot of people go an extra mile for their beloved pets, buying them more expensive food, toys, clothes, their own little playground, and often get criticized by others why do they spend so much on just an animal. This is the most irritating question one can ask. Like.. why do you spend so much on your kid? Why not just let it eat garbage food, or stay in dirty clothes all day? It’s practically the same.

To illustrate what this means to pet lovers, Notidee, an independent illustrator from France, has created a series of comics called “It’s just a dog.” From the name, you are able to understand her irritation with people who don’t understand the special bond between an animal and a human and speak their superficial minds to educates us on our relation towards other beings.

She has worked alongside animals all her life, but everything changed when she got her dog, Neos. Having met Neos at only three months old, at very poor health condition, Notidee had to learn everything she knows for dogs from the beginning. The more time they spent with together, the more they grew fond of each-other.

Her inspiration for this comics came from all the dedicated pet owners who have that kind of special relationship with their pet, and all the amount of work, energy, money and time they will put in order to make life a little easier for their pets.

“I had the hope that this comic could help build a bridge between Neos and I, and the people around us who struggle to understand us, but didn’t think the message would resonate with so many,” said Notidee.

               Image credits: @Notideeart

Image credits: Notideeart

Although some people refuse to understand or accept a relation so pure, there are a lot of people on the internet who absolutely adored her comics.                 Image credits: DeerMArtist

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               Image credits: LittleRedMeg