18 Relatable Comics About Mental Issues and Other Situations In Life by Evie Hilliar

Life is filled with all kinds of situations. the silly ones, clumsy ones, shy ones, awkward ones, and so on. In these moments, we can all relate to each other. However, these little moments, no matter how terrible may seem, they’re the ones that make life as it is. And if you ever thought that you’re the only one experiencing that, artist Evie Hilliar proves you wrong.

Hilliar is a comic artist that illustrates everyday situations, problems, and doubts she has. All the overthinking one does, this artist has found a very expressive way on how to release that thought to the public. Growing up with the internet, Hilliar’s love for comics came naturally. Her work is very relatable, and just so comforting because of the transparency it shares. We all have our little doubts, insecurities, and her work reassures us that the rest of the world feels like that. Earthwonders reached out to her to know more upon her work.

We love her work, and we want to share it with you too. Below is a small collection of her work, just to give you a taste of what Hilliar does. Also a short interview we did together just to know more from her perspective as a creator.

Scroll down to check it out, and for more remember to follow the artist on the links provided below.

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“My background as an artist was pretty much being raised by the internet. I always felt like a bit of an introverted outsider in the real life so growing up the online space was the only place I could feel like I fit in. That’s where i discovered webcomics and all I do is a homage to that,” explained the artist for Earthwonders.


The artist said that her work is inspired based on how her brain works. ” I’m mentally ill (and medicated for over three years) and I find drawing how I’m feeling a good way to relax or vent.”


For many artists, coming up with ideas can be the most difficult thing, yet for Evie it’s different. ‘My working process isn’t too challenging – this is what I love doing and I do it for fun, if it was too hard I wouldn’t do it! It’s hard balancing this with my day job, I think that’s the tough part – finding time to do what I love,” added the artist.
















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Hilarious Famous Cat Pics Illustrated by Tactooncat (40+ Pics)

Who doesn’t love some good cat pictures to brighten up their day and make them laugh? Cats are the perfect foil for the internet’s sharing and meme culture. With their huge personalities and lovable antics, they really do rule the web. They are at once silly and serious, capable of the most animated agility you’ve ever seen, followed by them falling asleep pretty much anywhere. However, understanding cats take a sense of humor because they have their own way of doing things.

So, it’s no surprise that this Indonesian artist known as Tactooncat on Instagram captured the opportunity to illustrate viral cat memes into amazing and hilarious drawings. In fact, these cat drawings have become viral due to their awesomeness, hilarity and cuteness. You can find all the classic cat memes on her page, and seeing them drawn gives them a brand new perspective and life.

The illustrations accurately portray the original source while also keeping to the unique style. Thus, check out the gallery below and don’t forget to swipe the pictures in order to see their original source. Also, let us know in the comments below which ones are your favorites, and don’t forget to vote for the best!

More info: Instagram














































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