Artist Honors The Legendary ‘Grumpy Cat’ By Inserting Her Into Disney Films

Although there are many cats on the internet, there are not so many memorable and impactful as Grumpy Cat was. Going back in time, her hilarious contempt went viral on the internet. But unfortunately, the cat passed away in May of 2019. And she was mourned not only by her family but apparently the whole internet.

In order to honor her memory, Earthwonders will show some posts about her being illustrated as one of the characters of famous Disney movies. Including her pessimism as well, Grumpy Cat was so powerful as a personality that she could have changed the course of the usually very positive Disney movies rapidly. Therefore, these drawings by Tsaoshin (Eric Proctor) illustrate such facts in the best way possible.

Scroll down to see the images provided below!

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#1 Sorry, Prince Charming — Princess Snow Grump couldn’t give two hairballs that you’re here to save her.


#2 Your time has come


#3 Let it No


#4 Circle of No


#5 On My Own Way


#6 Almost a ghost


#7 This tree is feeling the pain


#8 When You Wish Upon A No


#9 Tale As Old As No


#10 He Mele NO Lilo


#11 Slow down. I am taking care of you.


#12 A Whole New Mood


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Hilarious Famous Cat Pics Illustrated by Tactooncat (40+ Pics)

Who doesn’t love some good cat pictures to brighten up their day and make them laugh? Cats are the perfect foil for the internet’s sharing and meme culture. With their huge personalities and lovable antics, they really do rule the web. They are at once silly and serious, capable of the most animated agility you’ve ever seen, followed by them falling asleep pretty much anywhere. However, understanding cats take a sense of humor because they have their own way of doing things.

So, it’s no surprise that this Indonesian artist known as Tactooncat on Instagram captured the opportunity to illustrate viral cat memes into amazing and hilarious drawings. In fact, these cat drawings have become viral due to their awesomeness, hilarity and cuteness. You can find all the classic cat memes on her page, and seeing them drawn gives them a brand new perspective and life.

The illustrations accurately portray the original source while also keeping to the unique style. Thus, check out the gallery below and don’t forget to swipe the pictures in order to see their original source. Also, let us know in the comments below which ones are your favorites, and don’t forget to vote for the best!

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