Two Different Sides Of The Same Story Illustrated Through Comics (25 Pics)

Russian artist Anton Gudim creates an adorable comic series titled “Yes, But where he illustrates two different sides of the same story. These sarcastic and dark comics by him are perfect especially for those who like to be challenged. Anton simply likes to highlight absurdity and dark humor wherever he sees it, since he enjoys challenging people to look at everyday things from a different perspective. Thus, he takes simple scenes and transforms them into meaningful messages about our world and the society we live in. In fact, many of these dark drawings will take certain knowledge and time to figure out. But all of them are pretty cool.

While he is currently working full-time as an engineer, Anton would love the opportunity to turn his hobby into something more substantial and become a professional artist. For now though, he is happy to keep producing these imaginative and dark comics in his spare time. And we are so glad that he does! With an Instagram fanbase of over 650,000 followers as well as his first solo exhibition, his art is quickly making a name for itself with an instantly recognizable style.

So, scroll down below in order to check out Anton’s amazingly cool drawings. Also, don’t forget to upvote your faves!

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Art is a representation of oneself. It is an expression. One can write out his sentiments in an artistically-constructed poem. Another one can express himself by painting how he feels. On the other hand, one can draw how he perceives the world. Thus, art is beautiful and is open to many interpretations.

For today, we’ll be having some comic strips by the Thai artist Tum Natakorn Ulit. His work, blended with real-life experiences, radiates melancholy, bitterness, and sadness to its readers. But in the end, his thought-provoking wordless comics would leave the reader out of words. You can read 5 of his comics below.

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We are even born with different tools

Image credits: tumnulit

Sometimes all you need is a good mate

Image credits: tumnulit

I’m here with you

Image credits: tumnulit

Words have more power than we thought

Image credits: tumnulit

Minotaur’s Labyrinth

Image credits: tumnulit

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