May 11, 2021

15 Ideas on How to Keep Things Neat and Tidy Around the House

When it comes to organizing, some people are just gifted, they really know what they’re doing, and in no time you’ll be able to see all the mess sorted out in the most beautiful setup. And if you’re one of those people who drop a bomb in their closet every time you try to take a shirt out, then you have a lot to learn from this article.

No one wants to spend an hour looking for their keys, or lost socks because they’re not well organized and leave their stuff everywhere.

To make your life easier, we have compiled a list of nice sorted things around the house that are so satisfying to watch. The people who keep their things like this are just born to be neat and tidy. So scroll down below for some ideas you will definitely need to implement around your house to ease your life a little bit.

1. From a messy garage shelf to a pretty solution

2. Every girl needs these in their shoe closet 

3. When you see this shelf, you just know this person has his life figured out 


4. Attic Storage…fantastic Idea For Organizing Holiday Decor

5. Thought You Might Like To See How I Store My Stud Earrings


6. A functional + appealing entryway for a family of four

7. Improved laundry room with a home for everyday bags

8. No more mess =  No more stress

9. A simple shoe bench transformation 

10. Was Growing Sick Of Always Having To Lift All The Plates To Get To The Larger Ones


11. Showed My Sister The Joy Of Konmari! She Asked For Help With Her Linen Closet And I Think We Did A Great Job Even With Her Wanting To Keep A Little Too Much

12. With Quarantine In Order, There Is Lots Of Time To Tackle My Craft Corner. It Took A While, But… My Embroidery Yarn Spark(Le)s So Much Joy Now


13. I Konmari’d The Fridge. Each Bin Is A Dinner! I Put Together All The Ingredients So I Can Just Pull Out A Bin And Everything Is Right There


14. Two Dowels For Mounting Rolls Of Trash Bags Under Your Sink


15. Instead Of Tossing Out Your Old Egg Cartons, Try This Out