April 22, 2021

15 of the Worst Constructed Staircases That Are Made to Cause Disasters

When it comes to designing stairs people are becoming more and more creative these days. Some are investing in its design to look as pretty as possible, some people are using them as storage units, but despite the look they need to be designed in order to do their job right. Unfortunately what you’re about to see below is the complete opposite of a good functional staircase.

This collection of images brings the worst staircase design that has led a lot of people to the hospital. Whoever is the person behind these designs, we know for sure he has been damned by many so far. Scroll down below to see how these life-threatening stairs look like.

1. Not A Good Carpet Choice For Stairs If You Ask Me


2. Stairs From The Top


3. For When You Want A Near-Death Experience Every Time You Use The Stairs


4. Camouflage 101


5. Not A Paradox, Just A Normal Russian Architecture

6. Built The Staircase Exactly As Designed, Boss


7. These Stairs


8. These Sloping Stairs

:            tafstudio

9. How To Break Your Bones


10. These Stairs In Monaco 


11. These Stairs In A College I Visited Had People Confused…


12. he One Stair Slightly Shifted To The Side


13. Don’t Think The Owner Of This Hotel Thought This Through


14. These Stairs Are 1ft/30cm High


15. Stairs That Lead To Nowhere