May 11, 2021

20 Chic and Minimalistic Designs That Will Prove That “Less Is More”

Knowing how busy and hectic one’s life can be nowadays, everyone is turning to minimalism to calm their minds. We’ve noticed the new trend of nude and earth tones people have been using in clothes, house decoration, make-up going along with minimalism to express that clean and peaceful aesthetic. ‘Less is more is one expression we grew up listening to but never really understood the meaning of it until now.

In the gallery below, we have made a collection of the most awesome minimalistic designs we have found on the internet. They are so calming and there’s a simple unique beauty that characterizes them.  Seeing these designs really makes you wanna go home and do a whole house clean-up to get rid of all the stuff that you got laying around waiting for the day to come when you’ll actually use them.

Scroll down below to see these designs that will calm your mind.

1. These minimalist playing cards

2. These Rainbowless Skittles


3. This Dressing Room Has Their Clothing Hooks Labeled In A Very Minimalist Way


4. Brilliant Travel Hanger Design


5. Fold-Out Minimalist BBQ For Space Saving


6. The Cover Of 1984

Adronauts Berlin

7. This Business Card Shows All Contact Info Using Only An Email Address


8. My Minimal Watch. It Only Shows What You Need To Know



9. Minimalist Packaging Design For A Matchbox Decorated Only With The Red Phosphorus Ink That’s Used For Striking Matches

           Shane Schneck and Clara von Zweigbergk

10. Very Strong Coffee

11. This Clock Has Been Hanging In My Grandma’s Kitchen For 20+ Years


12. Minimalist Circular Fruit Bowls. Each Piece Of Fruit Added To Or Subtracted From The Mix Changes The Angle Of The Centerpiece

        Helena Schepens

13. Misery Vodka Packaging Design Which Is Very Simple Yet Effective

                  Maria De La Croix

14. Record Player Reboot With A Beautifully Minimal Design Seen Alongside With All The Features Of All Full Fledged Record Player With 50% Less Footprint

Siddharth Vanchinathan

15. It’s Been Proven Time And Time Again That Simple Packaging Designs Always Seem To Be The Most Successful. I Don’t Even Like Almond Milk, But These Bottles Would Make Me Want To Pour It On Everything


16. Minimalistic Steel Pen

17. A Minimalist’s iPhone


18. Dominos Pizza Box From The 60s


19. Kub – A Sink By Architect Victor Vasilev

                 Victor Vasilev

19. The Packaging For This Juice Company

      Sam Jorden

20. This Natural Black Water With Its Smart Packaging