21 Deadly Dangerous Designs People Shared on the Internet That Will Shock You

We had out share of bad designs, the good ones, but today we’re going for the dangerous ones. There’s a whole subreddit r/DangerousDesigns. that shares all the products that people buy but don’t really read the warnings. We are not talking for the poorly made designs, but for the ones that can harm or even kill someone.

This online community was created back in 2014, and now counts 141k members who share this kind of content. You can find everything that would be close to bringing death, from awful architecture to the similar design of drinks and bleach. It is crazy how many people buy things and do not check their warnings, or side effects that one particular item might do.

Below we have made a collection of these awful designs that are so awful and dangerous, it’s insane how they even made it to the market.

1. This 1955 device for smoking a whole packet of cigarettes at once.


2. In the 1930s you could buy artificial snow made out of 100% asbestos


3. Similar design, one can kill and one tastes good


4. Guess it’s back to good ol’ drunk driving


5. Stairwell in a hotel I stayed in


6. May have been posted before but this is pure insanity


7. Food aid packages and cluster bombs, both dropped on Afghanistan in 2001


8. Branding is everything


9. Was looking for a budget mattress when I saw this…


10. This 1930s design let you hang your baby over the side of a building in a cage


11. The Cannonball Loop waterslide, a slide so dangerous it was shutdown almost immediately after opening


12. Find the shower


13. It’s fine, nothing to worry about


14. Mmmmmm, yes I love my 3×10 room


15. Imagine trying to turn the radio up and you end up going backwards on the highway…


16. We’ll see


17. Step out of a bathtub down a flight of stairs, anyone?


18. This architect accidentally built a death ray that melts cars and fries eggs… again


19. It looks nice sure, but I didn’t even know that was a real extinguisher


20. Time for a nice refreshing drink of…… oh


21. Almost Did It, Too


15 Brilliant Hidden Facts in Pixar Movies That Have Been Spotted By Some Sharp-eyed People

When we think of our childhood, a big part of it was influenced by our love for cartoons. For instance, Pixar movies impress us even as adults. We all were waiting with impatience for Toy Story 4 to hit the theatres. Imagine all other adorable movies that remain a sweet part of our life. Ratatouille, Inside Out, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Coco, and so many other movies bring us back to the sweet moments of the past anytime we sit in front of the TV.

However, besides its movies, this animating studio is known for something else as well. This one interesting detail that we didn’t notice as kids. It’s the tiny details that are hidden in the story.

Some people with sharp eyes, have noticed these details and have shared them on the internet. From the paintings to the pizza toppings, there are quite some details that didn’t cross our eyes until now. Scroll down below to find out what they are. Also, make sure to share this fact with Pixar fans that you know.

1. Kid notices something that most of us wouldn’t have: UP(2009), Cars 2 (2011)


2. In Finding Nemo (2003), Gill is a moorish idol. This species is known to not handle captivity well, so him being the one who constantly comes up with escape plans makes sense.


3. In Toy Story 2 (1999) , the American flag is replaced by the globe in rest of the world.


4. “A113” is an animator’s inside joke: It refers to a classroom number at the California Institute of the Arts where many of the Pixar folks got their start. The number has worked its way into nearly every Pixar movie.

5.  Incredibles (2004) Elastagirl’s Original Suit Was Red And Mr. Incredible’s Suit Was Blue, Their First Child’s Name? Violet


6. When Mike marks an x on the calendar in red marker, it’s brighter and fresher than the rest of the marks, which have dried

7. The carpet at Sid’s house in toy story (1995) was intentionally made the same as the carpet at the overlook hotel in The Shining (1980), one of many references to the horror film throughout the Pixar series


8. In “Up” (2009) The Town Buildings Develop Over The Years


9. In Inside Out (2015), Riley’s Clothes Become More Muted As She Becomes More Depressed Throughout The Movie

10. In The Incredibles 2, The Painting In Helen’s Hotel Room Is An Illustration Of Her Seperation From The Family


11. In Inside Out, The Pizza Toppings Were Changed From Broccolis To Bell Peppers In Japan, Since Kids In Japan Don’t Like Bell Peppers. Pixar Localised The Joke


12. For Brave (2012), Pixar Developed Two New Software Programs Over Three Years To Allow Simulation Of Merida’s 1,500 Strands Of Hair Curls To Move Together With Her Movements


13. In Up (2009), Dug Is The Only Dog To Successfully Track Down The Tropical Bird Because He Is The Only Hunting Dog (Golden Retriever). All The Others Are Guard Dog Breeds


14. Whenever Characters Play Guitar In The Movie, Their Hands Form The Actual Chords Corresponding To The Music… Even Though It Would’ve Been Easy To Just Fake It

15. In The Pixar Logo After The Credits Of Wall-E, Wall-E Replaces Luxo Jr.’s Lightbulb With An Environmental Friendly Bulb After His “Round” Bulb Goes Out


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