May 11, 2021

25 Awful Ideas Executed in the Best Way Possible

Taste is very subjective, what we think as the most tasty thing in the world for someone might be the opposite. It’s nice to see when people try to look good, or build something nice, or whatever, but it’s just such a shame when they have all the possibilities in the world, and still they choose to go with something bizarre.

This is only for the taste part though. Although, some people choose to go with some poor ideas, the execution is what impresses us. Some people have really gone that extra mile to make sure the final product it’s functional, or interprets that idea perfectly. To see some of these examples, we have made a collection of pictures from Awful Taste But Great Execution subreddit, where people all over internet have shared the worst ideas executed in the best way possible.

Scroll down below to see the hard work put on executing an idea that no one would ever bother thinking.

1. This family photo. Sure it’s the kid’s gonna be posting it r/blunderyears in a couple years. 


2. Forever unclean 


3. Purplish Crocheted Bicycle Cozy 


4. I kind of want one. 


5. Jane Mansfield’s bathroom 


6. Suicide Vest David Statue for sale on AliExpress 


7. A Crocheted bag perhaps. 


8. Touring the country… 


9. Raw Chicken Purse 


10. Birds with Boobs


11. Pardon??? WATER THOSE?! 


12 . Gross / beautiful tattoo 

                       killcannon89 < 13. Inspirational boxcar graffiti… 


14. Garden tool leaning lamps. Just $900 each. 


15. This rug pattern carved into a hardwood floor 


16. The Michael Trinity


17. Posted to a Disney fan page, it didn’t go over too well. 


18. Asked my mum for a bedside table lamp for christmas and received this sassy young lady 


19. A subtle conversation piece 


20. Personally I like the Kawaii Bong but I knew this sub would think it’s weird 

21. Patrick Buddha 


22. Absolute class! 


23. These stairs 


24. If this isn’t the most American cross I ever seen, I don’t think Jesus would approve of this  


25. This skull carpet  


26. Optical Chillusion<