May 11, 2021

25 Thoughtful Touches in Hotels That Made Guests Feel Very Hospitable

Since a lot of traveling was canceled because of the pandemic, a lot of people have been missing that feeling of packing their bags, flying to their planned destination, checking into that hotel, and seeing the nice setup they have prepared for their guests.

I bet all of you can’t wait to spoil yourself with a good vacation, a nice hotel with a nice bar, a buffet to eat fresh food every day, a lot of outdoor activities once the world goes back to normal. Every hotel has a well thought set up to make people feel more welcomed, and make them come back from the warm hospitality they show. From thoughtful notes, candies, to some very smart arrangements you will find around the hotel.

To bring back that yearn to travel, Earthwonders made a list of hotels with the most clever, warm, and hospitable setup that will make you want to pack your bags just to have them ready in advance for whenever you can board on that plane and escape to your new paradise place.

1. Missed Out Camping This Year, So I Asked For A Tent In My Hotel Room



2.This Hotel I Stayed At Had One Dark Washcloth To Prevent Makeup Stains


3.This Mirror At My Hotel Tells Guests The Current Weather Conditions


4. My Hotel Room Bathroom Leaves A Section Of Mirror That Doesn’t Steam Up


5. This Hotel In My Town


6. This Hotel’s Fancy Style Of Stacking Fruits In Water


7. Hotel Door Signs: Do Not Disturb And Please Clean Room


8. My Toilet In The Japanese Hotel I Stayed At. You Wash Your Hands And Reuse The Water For Your Next Flush


9. This Hotel Gets It


10. I Asked The Hotel If I Could Bring My Cat. This Is What We Arrived To


11. This Checklist From A Hotel


12. The Pillows In My Hotel Are Labeled For Preferences


13. My Hotel Has A Marker To Point Towards Mecca


14. My Hotel Safe Has A Plug So You Can Charge Your Electronics While They Are Locked Away


15. Hotel Door Room Was Changed Today For People Who Uses A Wheelchair With A Lower Peephole


16. This Hotel I’m Staying At Provides A Phone That You Can Take Out With You. It Has Unlimited Mobile Data As Well As Free Calls


17. When Your Hotel Staff Go The Extra Mile

             alexlmlo< 18. Out Hotel Room Is Inside A Giant Aquarium With Sharks, Mantas And Stingrays Swimming About


19. My Hotel Room Came With A Rubber Ducky For The Bathtub


20. I Ordered Snacks From Room Service And They Sent A Refrigerated Robot Butler To Deliver Them


21. Awesome Hotel Gesture


22. The Shower At My Hotel Has A Flow Meter To Know How Much Water You Use, Ice Cap Is Melting And Polar Bear Disappears If You Use Too Much


23. This Hotel I Stayed At Has A Billiards Room Through A Secret Door Behind This Bookshelf


24. The Hotel I Stayed In Has A Typewriter For Writing Reviews


25. This Showerhead In My Hotel Lets You Dial In An Exact Temperature For The Water To Stay At