27 Times That Designers Really Put Some Effort on Getting Their Job Done Right

There are a lot of designers out there that come up with some incredible ideas, and it is hard not to praise them for it. When we see a product, the things that pop out the most are the functionality and the aesthetic representation of it. That kind of designed is done with a high attention to every single detail. When it comes to styling something in the matter of beauty, designers are focusing more on simple things to make it look “cleaner.”

Minimalism is what characterizes our modern era. Therefore, every day and more people are focusing on things that are functional but still not irritating to the eye as well. There are a lot of designs out there that meet those points, and below we have made a collection of them.

Therefore, scroll down below to check them out. And don’t forget to upvote your favorite and use the comment section to let us know what you think of these incredible designs.

1. Each picture is made of as many pixels as that of the endangered species population- designed by Yoshiyuki Mikami

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

2. Found in twitter


3. All the hooks and shelves you need!


4. Saw this on Facebook, by Invisible York


5. A clever way to show what ancient ruins looked like


6. Ignoring the politics, this anti-gun pro-adoption poster design


7. These measuring cups are designed to visually represent fractions for intuitive use


8. Itsukushima Shinto Shrine appears on the dish when sauce is poured on it


9.Cool tables in Plymouth that look like it’s anti-gravity


10. These bollards outside a school shaped like pencils


11. This “Seatbelts save lives” campaign


12. Carpet patterned street


13. Tinder is having your back when the government doesn’t


14. This Alzheimers awareness ad


15. This Benjamin Franklin mug I just got with a slot to make the end of your tea bag the kite


16. Daring add by a company that sells hats


17. Ad for an eyewear company


18. The logo on my umbrella only shows up when wet


19. My raincoat reveals a floral pattern when wet


20. The inside of the pizza box was a tuxedo


21. Fork at the Eiffel tower is the Eiffel tower


22. An ashtray that gives a visual representation of the negative effects of smoking cigarettes


23. Don’t know if these stairs cut it.


24. Really great minimalist billboard ad


25. This unbelievably creative logo!


26. The Bollards Outside This School In Dublin Look Like Pencils


27. This Swiss Bottled Water


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Architect Designs Hotel in Norway With a Glass Swimming Pool Suspended in Mid-air

Usually, the main aim of hotels is to provide a comfortable accommodation, offering safety and relaxing spaces for travelers. However, there are also unique hotels made to give guests a thrilling experience rather than just a relaxing stay. And if you wonder which one you would rather go for, it all depends on your personality type and spirit energy.

Turkish Hayri Atak Studio is the designer of the proposed Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel into Preikestolen, a cliff in southern Norway. The hotel, which is definitely not for the faint hearted, has become a popular tourist attraction. Such hotel features a swimming pool with a see-through bottom that juts out from the side of the cliff face. It features three levels of guest rooms and two observation decks, one at the top of the cliff and one at the bottom – alongside the swimming pool. The first of its kind, this swimming pool can be placed on top of a 55-storey luxury hotel!

Simply scroll down, and enjoy the views of this gorgeous hotel. Also, remember to upvote your favorite view!

More Info: Hayri Atak | Instagram

#1 Cliff Conceptual Boutique Hotel – Norway – 2019










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