30 Brilliant Designers Who Did Their Job Just Right

Some people just have a mind for invention. These people can focus in on a problem and come up with the perfect gadget to solve it. Their creativity allows them to come up with some pretty cool things.

Like that metal strip at the bar that keeps your beer cold. Or hexagon-shaped crayons that won’t roll off the table. Some things don’t have that much of a function and are just fun. Like the ice cream sandwich that has comics etched into them.

It takes a genius mind to come up with these seemingly common things. And they just help make our lives a little bit better. Like therapy animals who work on staff at the airline so people can pet them before they fly.

1. Therapy Animals

LiLou the therapy pig in the departure area at San Francisco International Airport. REUTERS/Jane Ross

This is LiLou the first airport therapy pig. She works at San Francisco International Airport. She helps to calm passengers at one of more than 10 airports in the U.S. that have therapy animals on staff. What a genius idea!

2. Dog Stall

© Flixen01 / reddit

In Denmark, you can park your dog. Just place him in one of these pods. It contains an antitheft mechanism, an automatic disinfectant, and a cooling system.

3. A Mirror That Tells The Weather

© mynamesafad / reddit

They have an extra fancy mirror at this hotel. This one tells you what the weather is. That way you can run back to your room for your umbrella if you need it.

4. Floor Alligator

© I_ATE_TODAY / reddit

This lobby has a pet alligator. Well, there is one embedded into the floor. It’s a medical office so if you trip over it you’re in the right place.

5. Food Stamps

© perukid796 / reddit

This invention stamps food. That way you know what the contents are. You can never be too sure.

6. Women Wear Pants

© bucherman7 / reddit

Nowadays, women wear pants. So, we don’t really have to identify females with symbols that use dresses. This bathroom sign identifies the women’s room by giving the woman curvy hips.

7. The Cone of Silence

© MrCrash2U / reddit

Libraries are places for quiet. That’s why this was has a “Cone of Silence.” It’s a pod with a vaulted door where you can talk on your cellphone without disturbing the other library patrons.

8. Glow-in-the-Dark Money

© kraydan / reddit

The money in Canada glows. This is a $2 coin. It has a picture of the Northern Lights that glow in the dark.

9. Police Officer Statue

© MLGCatMilker / reddit

Why hire a police officer as security when you can have the illusion of police security. This building has a statue that looks like a real-life police officer. It still has a similar effect as the real thing does.

10. Children’s Elevator

© xray_anonymous / reddit

Why can’t elevator buttons be fun? The ones at this children’s hospital are. They use lots of colors and drawings to signify each floor.

11. Freddie MercuryAirline

© mephisdan / reddit

This airline wanted to show that they are rock and roll. So, the Norwegian airline put Freddie Mercury on their planes. He’s a “British rock legend” so it makes sense, right?

12. That Metal Strip

© Essassin- / reddit

People like their beer cold. That’s why this local pub installed a metal strip throughout their bar. Its freezing cold and keeps your beer cold.

13. Umbrella Lock

© convivialcor / reddit

This is an umbrella rack. It locks and so no one can take your umbrella. You need a key to open it.

14. Hexagon Crayon

© coffee-chugger / reddit

These things are pretty clever. They are hexagon-shaped crayons. They are shaped this way so they can’t roll off the table.

15. Parking Spots For Dogs

© Unknown author / imgur

Need to park your dog? You can do that in Finland. This place has spots where you can tie your dog to the wall and park it.

16. Ice Cream Comics

© ChillySummerMist / Reddit

This ice cream sandwich is an all-around good time. First, you have both vanilla AND chocolate ice creamed together and sandwiched between two cookies. But you also get a good laugh from the comics.

17. Wallet-Sized Diploma

© elbimio / reddit

Who needs a frame when you can keep your diploma in your wallet? What if you need to whip out proof of your education on the spot? That’s what a wallet diploma is for.

18. Restaurant Breathalyzer

© MogarTheUnkillable / reddit

This restaurant has a breathalyzer. You have to pay, then blow into it with a straw. It will tell you if its safe for you to drive.

19. Map Building

© FriendoBoyoHermano / Reddit

Chicago is a big city but you won’t’ get lost if you ride by this building. It has a map of the surrounding area on it. It also shows where the building is on the map.

20. Toilet Paper Preference

Source: drmcnaughty

All toilet papers were not created equal. That’s why this restaurant offers you three toilet papers to choose from. It will be your butt’s favorite restaurant.

21. Two-In-One Bowl

Source: mildlyinteresting

This bowl is extremely useful. In fact, it has two uses. As a chip and dip bowl and as a cake stand.

22. Keep Pizza Flat

Source: mildlyinteresting

Do you ever have trouble holding your pizza flat? This place in Japan has a fix for that. Their boxes have handles to keep the pizza flat.

23. Shipping Container Building

Source: mildlyinteresting

This is an entire building made from shipping containers. It’s large scale sustainable living at its best. A lot of shipping containers were saved from the dump in order to make this multifamily dwelling.

24. The Right Cellphone

Source: mildlyinteresting

Having a good cellphone case pays. This guy had his phone in an Otter Box for 10 years and it looks the same as it did the day he bought it. These things are worth the price.

25. A Fun Garbage Truck

Source: mildyinteresting

Why should picking up the trash be boring? This garbage collection company has robots on the side of their trucks. It looks like the robot has arms when the truck picks up the bins.

26. Hands-Free Bathroom Door Handle

Source: mildyinteresting

No one wants to touch the bathroom door handle. It can be filled with lots of germs. That’s why this bathroom has touch-free bathroom door handles.

27. Hop Indicator

Source: fitzhughwho

This is a genius bar menu. It shows how much hops are in each beer. It gives you a visual idea of what flavor you’re getting with each beer.

28. Repurposed Phone Booth

Source: jinjuu

Payphones don’t really exist anymore but some old phone booths remain. This is a clever way to repurpose these booths. It’s used as a cellphone charging room.

29. Fury Creep Out Prevention

Source: planetary_facts

Furbies can be pretty creepy if you don’t know they’re around. That’s why this airport has a special category specifically for checking in your Furby toys. They don’t want to have any uncessesary freakouts or scares.

30. Public Art Tape

Source: OMmeUPscottie

Public art doesn’t need to be expensive. This awesome display was created with colored tape. It makes the space come alive.

This Sand Artist Makes Incredibly Realistic Sculptures of Animals

Art plays tricks with our minds in some of the most non-expected ways. Particularly, it helps us see beyond what meets the eye. Everything we once thought impossible, becomes possible and vice versa. And although there are a lot of art types, one that really plays tricks with our mind is a sculpture. Andoni Bastarrika, a gifted artist from Spain, loves to build sand sculptures on the beach. The man sculpts incredibly realistic sand animals that look like they’re going to stand up and walk away any minute.

Although this artist doesn’t limit his creations to animals, he takes particular inspiration from the freedom and power that animals symbolize for him. In fact, making a sand mermaid for his daughters was what set him on this particular path more than a decade ago. Additionally, after he is finished with his work, he posts photos of the completed masterpieces on his Instagram. His sculptures are so detailed, it’s hard to believe they’re not real. You truly need to stop and think of the logic that goes behind that artwork the moment you see it.

Bastarrika said in a Facebook post. “The reason why I like to make animal sculptures, one among many, is because animals are free spirits, even if we the unconscious have them locked up. They are unique, beautiful, and carriers of great wisdom, so that humans can reflect and learn from them.”

Scroll down to see more realistic sand sculptures by Bastarrika. Also, follow the artist on Instagram to keep up to date with his latest creations!

More info: Instagram | Facebook

#1 Artist Andoni Bastarrika creates amazing sand sculptures of animals.

#2 His sand sculptures capture the power and freedom of his animal subjects


































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