30 Times People Spotted Such Brilliant Designs, They Just Had To Take A Picture

It’s all about little things in life. Sometimes the most minor things can make our day and put a smile on our faces. A good meme you saw online, a dog that sniffed you walking by, maybe a kind gesture from a stranger. Or sweet little nick-nacks that don’t really add to our lives but make us appreciate the effort and creativity.

Today we will feature some of the brilliant designs spotted by people. Some are really unexpected and quirky, and others are simple yet effective and memorable. It’s the thoughtfulness and the effort put into the creation that makes us appreciate whoever designed it.

Take a look at some of the brilliant designs we’ve seen. These designers have seriously elevated the boundaries of creativity to the next level. Let us know which one you’ve liked the most.

#1 Kaunas, Lithuania On Valentine’s Day

Image source: kaunosavivaldybe

#2 This Tesla Charger Set Up To Look Like A Vintage Gas Pump

Image source: Indieobsession

#3 These Cups/Glasses In The Freiburg Football Stadium Have Hollow Handles, You Can Carry Up To Four In A Single Hand

Image source: Snoo_28562

#4 My Boss’ Mousepad Shaped Like A Tiny Rug

Image source: stellarecho92

#5 Japanese Restaurant Has A Tiny Mt Fuji In The Base Of Their Glasses

Image source: ssladam

#6 A Vertical Chessboard

Image source: Penguinkeith

#7 The Local Blood Bank Has These Signs To Show How Much Blood They Have

Image source: awritemate

#8 This Awesome Little Sponge Holder

Image source: CallMe_Dig_Baddy

#9 This Toaster’s Cord Has Finger Pull

Image source: VEDAHtheDJ

#10 LEGO Set Included This Figure/Wheelchair And Incorporates A Wheelchair Access Ramp Into The Build

Image source: Ildrim

#11 The Room Number For Mammogram Testing

Image source: roosking

#12 Found Band-Aids For Different Skin Tones At Target

Image source: Frings_Chicken_House

#13 This Lidl Lithuania Grocery Bag Promoting Paper Bags Over Plastic Ones

Image source: ArchaeologicalTop

#14 Pencil Bollards Outside A School In London

Image source: psgenius

#15 The Porsche 944 Hot Wheel Designer Had Cancer, The Stethoscope Was Added By Ryu To Pay Tribute To His Cancer Doctor, Who Drove A 944. Rest In Peace Ryu Asada

Image source: stancehunters

#16 Puzzle Carpet

Image source: Jacob van Rijs of MVRDV

#17 Local Kmart Has A Doll With Down’s Syndrome

Image source: Moves_like_Norris

#18 An Amputee Doll

Image source: PlayaNayame

#19 I’m Lovin’ It

Image source: DeltaMVperru

#20 This Doorknoob At My Butcher’s

Image source: 0nissay

#21 Door Handle As John Lennon’s Glasses

Image source: Serge1086

#22 My Grandma’s Chinese Teacups Where You Can See A Woman’s Face When You Put Them Against The Light (From 2 Different Sets)

Image source: _whatsmynameagain

#23 This Lamp Post Holds Up An Umbrella For A Spot On The Bench

Image source: cupofdirt86

#24 IV Bag Plant Watering Thing I Saw At My Dr’s Office

Image source: Hyperi0us

#25 This LEGO Set Has A Loose Change In The Couch

Image source: burstaneurysm

#26 The Benches At My Local Library Are Books

Image source: ronky35

#27 A Very Literal Half Pint

Image source: clusterlove

#28 Wonderful Paintbrush Packaging – Mexico

Image source: heribertohobby

#29 I Found A Pen And The Pen Cap Is Shaped Like A Cat

Image source: BurnsMyWaffles

#30 Play A Friendly Game Of Football While You Sit At These Tables

Image source: sdxab1my

20 Of The Best Interior Design Moments From The 1980s, As Shared By This Instagram Account

The 80s was such a great decade known for its bustling life. It was during the time that Michael Jackson released Thriller. Cellphones also became common, and of course, computers were starting to become widespread. Pop culture was thriving as well!

So when we think of the 80s, we think of a wonderful decade where life was way less stressful. However, we would often forget to think about something else — home designs! So strap your seatbelts as we’re going to travel back to the 80s and explore the wonderful homes of this era!

More info: Instagram

#1 Skylight Anyone? The International Book Of Lofts – Susan Slesin, Stafford Cliff, Daniel Rozensztroch 1986

Image source: the_80s_interior

#2 The Los Angeles Time: California Home Book – 1982

Image source: the_80s_interior

#3 Decorating On The Cheap – Mary Gilliatt 1984

Image source: the_80s_interior

#4 80s Home Spa Realness! Beyond The Bath: A Dreamers Guide – Thomas Cowan 1983

Image source: the_80s_interior

#5 The Complete Home Book – Pamela Ferguson 1983

Image source: the_80s_interior

#6 Is It Comfortable? Who Cares When Your Bathroom Looks Like This! Bathroom Design – 1987

Image source: the_80s_interior

#7 Me: I Just Want A Subtle Look To My Dining Room. Also Me:

Image source: the_80s_interior

#8 Pool Party Anyone? Sunset: Ideas For Swimming Pools – 1981

Image source: the_80s_interior

#9 Hanging Plants, Wicker And Windows! The Los Angeles Times California Home Book, 1982

Image source: the_80s_interior

#10 Bedroom Decor – 1981

Image source: the_80s_interior

#11 “Making The Most Of A Wonderful Location On America’s West Coast, The Architect Has Designed The House Around The Windows.” Terence Conran’s New House Book 1985

Image source: the_80s_interior

#12 My 80s Conservatory Is Better Than Yours!

Image source: the_80s_interior

#13 Cove Haven – Pocono Resorts. The Legendary And Kitschiest Of Couples Resort Boasts Honeymoon Suites With 7-Foot Champagne Glass Whirlpool Baths Overlooking Glass Heart-Shaped Pools. Promo 1989

Image source: the_80s_interior

#14 Who Wants To Snuggle Up In Bed In This Loft Apartment, Watching And Listening To The Rain On The Slanted Windows? Decor By Design – 1988

Image source: the_80s_interior

#15 Esplanade Mall 1988

Image source: the_80s_interior

#16 Was There Ever A More 80s Bedroom?

Image source: the_80s_interior

#17 Mall 1981

Image source: the_80s_interior

#18 I Wouldn’t Need A Holiday If I Had This Fabulous 80s Slide At Home!

Image source: the_80s_interior

#19 When Your Office Building Has A Foyer With A Restaurant, Waterfall With Pond, Skylight And Tropical Planting ? Commercial Interiors International – Grosvenor Press 1986

Image source: the_80s_interior

#20 Decorating On The Cheap – Mary Gilliatt 1986

Image source: the_80s_interior

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