April 14, 2021

British Artist Constructs Life-Size Sculptures Made From Discarded Machinery

Even if the steel is continuously noticed as a chilly and tough medium, one artist has discovered an option to breathe life into it – permitting it to look free and loose.

British artist, Penny Hardy, constructs life-size metal sculptures by using discarded machinery parts in her Blown Away series. Hardy portrays fundamental emotions and personal experiences and hopes to extend the life of imperfect man-made items by reusing them to create new entities.

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 ©Penny Hardy

The Devon-based artist says, “Via the usage of discarded man-made steel pieces—which were so skillfully made and used to create their very own mechanical power—I am hoping to increase their lifestyles in some other shape, re-use that power for a unique goal, and change their serve as to create a brand new entity.”

Hardy at the start educated as a scientific illustrator, which taught her to inspect the intricacies of herbal bureaucracy and observational draftsmanship. When a pastime in three-dimensional bureaucracy used to be sparked, she transferred her sturdy connection to the herbal and human panorama into sculpture. “The sense of motion and dynamics inside sculpture supplies it with its personal lifestyles and power,” Hardy states.

She selected to make use of steel equipment portions as a result of they have been made to be resilient and robust but thrown away on the slightest trace of failure. Hardy felt that those imperfect items must be recycled to turn one of the results equipment has had on our lives and the surroundings.


©Penny Hardy


©Penny Hardy

“Whilst those items put across private feelings when it comes to my very own explicit reports,” Hardy says, “the sculptures aren’t unique and I am hoping many audiences will have the ability to relate to these emotions and results and spot how the piece can constitute for them.”

Hardy creates privately commissioned paintings for purchasers around the globe. She has additionally exhibited all over the United Kingdom. The maximum not too long ago, she’s displayed her placing paintings on the Beaulieu Palace and Gardens previous this yr. Scroll down to peer a few of her exceptional creations.


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Speaking to mymodernmet.com, Hardy explains, “By using discarded man-made metal items – which have been so skillfully made and used to create their own mechanical energy – I hope to extend their life in another form, re-use that energy for a different purpose, and exchange their function to create a new entity.”

What’s most surprising is Hardy is completely self-taught in metal sculpting.

Hardy’s metal sculptures have been exhibited extensively throughout the UK. She held her first public exhibition of dance sculptures in 2006. She also takes up private work on the commission basis and has been commissioned by countries like Italy, France, Belgium, and the USA.


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©Penny Hardy


©Penny Hardy


©Penny Hardy


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©Penny Hardy