Clever Design Ideas That People Have Shared In This Online Group (35 Pics)

Generally, great design is invisible to people. But that’s not surprising. Unlike art, which aims to grab attention and provoke people’s imaginations, design is primarily about serving a function and solving problems. However, if you do this perfectly, it’s likely that no one will notice. Such as saying goes “If you do things right, people won’t know you’ve done anything at all.” But if you do it wrong, you will most likely get blamed and laughed at. Hence, the wider lesson for designers is clear: making something simpler is usually the path to making it better… even if that might mean sacrificing some accuracy along the way.

To demonstrate this, there’s a subreddit that features high-quality images of interesting designs. Its community is significantly dedicated to gathering clever designs of all kinds, graphic design, architecture, furniture, or product design. And although we already covered it once, there are so many new images, we need to do a follow-up.

To sum up, we’ve compiled a list of some of the designs we liked the most. Scroll down in order to check them out, and let us know in the comments if you agree with us. Also, if we have missed out on your favorite design idea, put in a comment!

#1 This Contemporary House Glass Ceiling Bedroom


#2 This Spacious Waterfall Shower


#3 Saw these cute little stools at a burger joint


#4 Umbrella logo that only shows when it gets wet


#5 Subway details in Sweden


#6 The Erosion Sink


#7 20 Foot Tall Door Facade by Gabriel Schama


#8 Bra supporter that shaped as a hand


#9 Thought this was a very clever way to make a caution sign. It’s still highly visible and does it’s job but with some fun. As an added bonus it was in a Jamba Juice so it makes sense with their aesthetic.


#10 The ridges of key looks like a face


#11 Bamboo farm house, cebu philippines.


#12 The cauldron at Tokyo Olympics was designed by Japanese designer Oki Sato [1920*1280]


#13 This hanging tab being used as a cat nose


#14 The First Nation University of Canada, in Saskatchewan. Designed by Douglas Cardinal


#15 I didn’t notice at first but the B is actually a dog!


#16 Puzzle Carpet


#17 This ancient grain granola barcode


#18 School Bus Renovated Into A 70s-Style Classroom


#19 Mirror Lounge Seating by Trix & Robert Haussmann


#20 Chess board you play on your wall


#21 Building façade detail


#22 This invite to Samsung unpacked that reveals new folding phones


#23 The Boy – Dreams – Wonderland figure by WeArtDoing


#24 Bowl placement on plastic wrap box


#25 Bethlehem Aircraft Corporation Logo


#26 Nike Air Max Viva


#27 Art logo thingy. Check it out.


#28 [OC] ‘Valence’ studio console table. Handmade from Cherry and Oak.


#29 When you design with the end in mind, you can do interesting things with upcycled and waste materials


#30 Advertisement for a new color coming to Jeep hides the Jeep Grill “logo” in the scales of the gecko


#31 Such nice design for that score bar. All the info packed into a diamond.


#32 Nice building cover for the renovation works. It shows a sneak peak of how the inside will be when the works are finalized.


#33 Very neat Japanese music poster, love the colors just as much as the clever design


#34 This anti smoking ad at my Doctor’s


#35 Beautiful cover of Ernest Hemingway’s Old man and the Sea. 1967, Vilnius


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20 Epic Stair Design Fails That Are Disasters Waiting To Happen

Ah, stairs. The birthplace of scraped feet and sprained ankles. Stairs have been useful for humans since their invention, and until now, we have never ceased to use them. Although some alternatives have been made like elevators and escalators, which, by the way, are just moving stairs, stairs have remained our basic medium for going up and down a building.

Despite being a thing for centuries, sometimes, we humans can fail to design a decent one, like the stairs we present to you below. Scroll down to see our collection of 20 stairs that are just a disaster waiting to happen. Don’t forget to tell us which one is the best!

Have you ever known a terrible stair design? Let us know in the comments! For more stair fails, check out our previous article.

#1 Just In Case You Fall In The Wall

Image source: djanic1246

#2 These Super Visible Stairs

Image source: Pretend_Air_1108

#3 This Is So Going To Make People Break Their Bones

Image source: windowhihi

#4 Just When You Thought You Were Reaching 1 Kcal

Image source: commonlinnet

#5 Found This On My College Campus. The Walkway/Stairs Above Are Still Open Too

Image source: SloanTheSloth

#6 Stairs In The Basement Of A Princeton University Dorm

Image source: magnoliaadelle

#7 A Friend Of Mine, In The Picture, Designed And Built These Stairs. Beautiful, But Frightening When You’re Going Down The Stairs

Image source: Arrakeen42

#8 If Boss Says To Build Stairs, I Build Stairs

Image source: TallestToker

#9 To Make The City More Inclusive

Image source: ivancastro

#10 Architectural Masterpiece

Image source: Tantalumm

#11 Why Use A Ladder Just Take The Stairs

Image source: darkox666

#12 A Lovely Chicago Apartment Bathroom

Image source: Omnivigilo

#13 May I Present To You: The Weird Stairs At My House (I Never Actually Realized How Weird This Are Since I Lived With Them All My Life)

Image source: Trashadonna

#14 This Stairway Has A Surprise Step

Image source: TeresaKitsu

#15 This Staircase I Have To Go Up And Down At Work Everyday. No, That’s Not Forced Perspective. It Really Is That Steep

Image source: RedoftheEvilDead

#16 This Staircase

Image source: visionaryillusion

#17 Somewhere In Australia, Maybe

Image source: huh_danny

#18 Thank You So Much For Making This Handicap Ramp, I Am So Glad This Building Is Wheelchair Accessible

Image source: Hawk3y305

#19 “Why This Place So Empty?”

Image source: N8WM

#20 Infamous House In My Hometown. Yes, Those Are Stairs In Front Of The Garage

Image source: cheetocoveredfingers

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