30 Times People Discovered Cool Little Details On Their Clothes

As it turns out, it’s not always Aliexpress or Wish that “spices up” their items. And this time, I don’t mean the unexpected rips, torn seams, awkward bra padding, or color that looks nothing like the picture. Today we will look at some of the clothing items that had hidden little details that were pretty neat.

Although these details are tiny or displayed only on the inside layers where just the owner can notice, they still add a fun twist to the item. Sometimes, it’s quirky washing directions, labels with inspiring messages (some even give you fashion advice), unexpected patterns, or push-up bra padding shaped like palms. So next time you are buying a pair of trousers, you might want to check out the zipper or the inside layer of the pockets. You will soon understand why.

#1 My Rented Tuxedo Had An Extra Tag On The Inside Jacket Pocket To Help Me Get Through The Wedding

Image source: ChrisWithWings

#2 This T-Shirt Tag Doubles As Plant Seeds

Image source: droppedmycroissant23

#3 There’s A Message By The Zipper Of My Pants, Warning Me To Be Careful

Image source: rofLopolous

#4 Bought This Shirt Today And Looked At The Tag

Image source: perpetualpez

#5 My Co-Worker’s Hoodie Has Headphones Threaded Through The Drawstring

Image source: wowiee_zowiee

#6 This Guy’s Shirt Has The Entire Script Of Pulp Fiction Printed On It

Image source: Legin_666

#7 Found These Easter Eggs On The Back Of The Labels In My Jeans

Image source: Kessowary

#8 Funny Tag On PJ Shorts Bought On Block Island

Image source: vanillablue_

#9 The Inside Of My Jacket Has Outdoor Survival Tips

Image source: GetSparkyy

#10 The Tag On My Shirt Has A Short Bio On The Sewer

Image source: reddit.com

#11 This Tie Has Mice Of Both The Rodent And Computer Species

Image source: squid50s

#12 My Favorite Pants’ Houndstooth Pattern Is Actually A Bunch Of Cats

Image source: twinecho

#13 These Care Instructions On A Shirt I Bought Tell Me Not To Slap Pandas

Image source: StarDamagedEpidermis

#14 My Jacket’s Zipper Has A Whistle

Image source: Acriorus

#15 There Is A Positive Message In My Clothing Label

Image source: Shy_raspberry

#16 My Jeans Have A No-Slip Grip Built Into The Back Pockets To Keep Credit Cards And Money From Falling Out

Image source: grummlinds

#17 1950s Tie Gives You Fashion Advice

Image source: NucklestheEnchilada_

#18 Found This In My Maternity Shorts Today

Image source: AudreyLuvsJoey

#19 Multi-Tool Belt

Image source: Arsenic75-Q

#20 This Bikers Jacket Has Signal And Brake Lights

Image source: joat217

#21 This Shirt Has A Piece Of Lens Cloth Sewn On The Inside For Your Glasses

Image source: Marvin_k2000

#22 My Daughter’s Raincoat Has A Built-In System For When She Outgrows It

Image source: RaidensReturn

#23 Tag On The Inside Of A Shirt I’ve Owned For A Few Years Now

Image source: dorfmcpumpkin

#24 Well, Ok Then

Image source: BiohazardousAccount

#25 My Kid’s Jacket Has Multiple Namespaces To Facilitate Hand-Me-Downs

Image source: budgetpc0217

#26 These Winter Boots Have A Flip-Down Ice Cleat In The Heel To Help With Walking On Icy Surfaces

Image source: TheRealJasonium

#27 There Are Tiny Hands Inside My Girlfriend’s Bra

Image source: Chegevarik

#28 Just Noticed Something Unique About My Pants

Image source: MrFishOils

#29 This Top Gear T-Shirt Label

Image source: Bobble_

#30 My Dad Found A Face As The Pocket Of His Pepperoni Pizza Pants

Image source: cosmosclover

“Because Nothing Comes Before Profit, Especially Not The Consumer”: 30 Examples Of Not Just Bad But Evil Design

Have you ever looked at something that looked so bad you thought it deserved to be shamed online? Like, look at these. they’re made so weirdly that you would even laugh at these hilarious design fails. You can poke fun at them, you can berate them, just like everybody else.

But what if I tell you that there’s more than that? Sure, those images from the previous article were funny, I must say. However, have you ever seen terrible designs that are intentionally done? Yes, they exist, and their goal is to profit. And that’s what we’re going to see today as we dive into the world of A-Hole Design – the darker and more unethical side of Crappy Design.

More info: Reddit

#1 Press Dismiss To Update This Printer

Image source: disintegore, twitter.com

#2 Disney Leaves The Inside Of Their $6 Icecream Hollow

Image source: ThatTheoGuy

#3 This Design Pisses Me Off Every Single Day

Image source: tazzzzzzzz0

#4 They Replaced Half The Mirrors In My Local Shopping Mall’s Bathroom With Advertising Boards!

Image source: BradleyZ17

#5 Amazon Prime Video Doesn’t Tell You If A Show Is Unavailable In Your Country Until After You Subscribe To Amazon Prime

Image source: Iescaunare

#6 Taxes

Image source: MayoBoy69, twitter.com

#7 Cup Design That Makes The Drink Look Like It Has Actual Fruit

Image source: St-Paerikus

#8 Appstore For You

Image source: reddit.com

#9 Youtuber Gets Every Single Video On His Channel Copyright Claimed Despite Having The Rights To All The Music In His Videos

Image source: coolethanps2, twitter.com

#10 The Sticker Was A Lie

Image source: Doophie

#11 Perfectly Fine Lighters With No Way To Refuel Them… Planned Obsolescence Is Asshole Design And Terrible For The Environment

Image source: redditUserError404

#12 My Work Place’s ‘Low Plastic, Recyclable Eco-Pens’ Have A Secret At Their Core

Image source: dwarvencrap

#13 Both Weigh 500g But The Green One Is In A 30% “Bigger Bag More To Share”

Image source: AApickleAA

#14 Brand New Protein Powder, Not Even Filled Half Whey

Image source: Furious_Flames

#15 Designed For Dissuading The Homeless. Literally Just Uncomfortable For Everyone Else

Image source: Machdame

#16 Such A Great Deal!

Image source: Guevarra25

#17 The Fact That You Can’t Uninstall Facebook On Certain Phones

Image source: Dark_Inferno98

#18 Natural Is A Trademark

Image source: yaserafriend

#19 They Decided To Completely Cover Their Tenants’ Windows With Ads Because Who Needs Natural Light And Fresh Air?

Image source: jadondrew

#20 Dislikes Helped You Know If A Video Was A Scam, Misleading Or Had False Information

Image source: LeuxD

#21 Felt Like This Sub Would Appreciate This Statement

Image source: the_gaming_princess, twitter.com

#22 Hellofresh. If I Don’t Need To Call To Make Orders, I Shouldn’t Need To Call To Unsubscribe

Image source: goldollazz

#23 My Age Preferences Are There For A Reason, Tinder

Image source: AppleSlize

#24 My Chinese “Smart TV” Plays A 15 Second Chevrolete Commercial Every Time I Turn It On

Image source: MuayThai1985

#25 Spending $175 On A Textbook Only To Receive A 2 Inch Stack Of Unbound Papers. Binder Sold Separately!

Image source: FrenchiToasti

#26 Cashing In On That *cough*

Image source: paris_christine, twitter.com

#27 Really?

Image source: EveningBluebird

#28 I Chose The Bottle Because A Tube Wasn’t Enough! This Trojan Trickery Is An Abuse Coming From A Brand With Recognition

Image source: PoorGeno

#29 Literal Hell For Budget Flyers – Standing Seats

Image source: DistinctScene0

#30 This Mcdonalds Menu

Image source: SkepticHQ, twitter.com

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