April 18, 2021

Dad Builds 3-Seat Rocking Chair for Reading With His Three Kids

You know if you have more than one child, and the struggles to sit down, relax, and just read to them all at once, especially if they all fight over who gets to sit with mom or dad, are so REAL.

There’s a solution from a father who has the exact problem, by building a three rocking chair so he can be able to read to all three of his kids, together and they all can sit with him. Hal Taylor is a master craftsman and loves to read to his children, but when his third child, Rose, was born, he ran into a problem, his three children wouldn’t fit in his lap when he went to read to them on his rocking chair.

He said: “When Rose was born, she proved herself to be the ‘communicator’ in the family…she was NOT going to be left out of the reading crowd! Now, all three children could have a comfortable seat when reading. There are over 200 precisely cut and shaped pieces of wood which I use to make up the 19 back braces. That is more pieces than you will find in 20 normal rocking chairs! I have heard it said that children change your life more than you change theirs’ I believe that to be true.

This special chair has two little side seats and a big one in the center so that he can hold the third baby in his lap. This makes it super easy for all of the kids to be able to see the pages in the book. It has a price of over $7000 online and is made up of more pieces than over 20 rocking chairs combined.

In order to get the right angle, Hal did what he had to do to make the perfect story time chair for his three daughters. On his website, he explains why the chair cost so much!

More info: haltaylor.com | Facebook