Estonian Chainsaw Master Carves A Fascinating Dragon Bench

Who would have thought that a chainsaw can be used as an artist’s tool?  Estonian artist Igor Loskutow is an award-winning master of chainsaw art.

Based in Germany, he’s part of the Husqvarna chainsaw sculpture team, which travels to events across Europe in order to show off their cutting skills.

One of Luskutow’s newest pieces, an incredible dragon bench, is a masterpiece of the art form.

Unlike chisels, knives, and gouges, chainsaws are more difficult to handle and operate (not to mention more dangerous too).

“Sh*t looks straight out of Skyrim,” one Reddit user commented, while others drew clear GoT parallels by calling it “Targaryen-approved.” Check it out for yourself below, and let us know if you’d go all in to have this other-worldly innovation on your front lawn.

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Igor Loskutow is an incredible chainsaw artist who uses the heavy duty tool to create fantastical sculptures like this clever dragon bench.

Igor Loskutow

Igor Loskutow

Igor is a member of the Husqvarna chainsaw sculpture team that promotes the brand while showcasing their cutting skills.

Through their impressive wood sculptures, the team aims to advocate the use of chainsaw in the worlds of arts.

A chainsaw is no longer just a mere tool for cutting trees for construction. But it can also be used for creative crafts.

The team has various creations to show off but Igor’s dragon bench is undoubtedly the best among the collection.

You can see the artist’s incredible imagination and skills through his creation. With the sculpture’s realistic pair of wings, highly detailed facial features, and clear-cut tails, it’s certainly not just a bench. It’s a magnificent work of art.

Igor Loskutow

These behind the scenes images help us understand how the master carver uses the chainsaw to create a dragon bench.

Igor Loskutow

Igor Loskutow

Igor Loskutow uses a chainsaw to carve wooden sculptures such as this incredible dragon bench

Igor made this incredible dragon bench for a local butcher shop. But actually this is not his first dragon bench creation.

In 2017, he created a red-headed dragon bench by utilizing the same technique of using a chainsaw. Amazingly, the natural color of the red-tinged wood gave the dragon’s head a fiery hue.

It looks as if the dragon is about to breathe fire at any moment. Igor’s masterpiece is quickly earning fame right now. But he has been a prominent sculptor way back 2015 when he won the Huskycup World Title.

Igor Loskutow

Igor Loskutow

Igor Loskutow

Igor Loskutow

Igor Loskutow

Igor Loskutow

Igor Loskutow

The Estonian artist also carved another marvelous dragon bench, using contrasting woods to great effect.

Igor Loskutow

Igor Loskutow

Igor Loskutow

Some of his other works:

Igor Loskutow

Igor Loskutow

Igor Loskutow

Igor Loskutow

Woman Saves Baby Raccoon And He Keeps Coming Back To Visit Her 3 Years Later

Watching animal pictures is a successful way to brighten up your day. Today, our personal favorite type of animal is raccoon!

Social media is about about a story that captured a surprising raccoon by the roadway. And as we all might know, raccoons often get killed when hollow trees are cut down by chain saws. However, in this case, this lost raccoon was lucky. Nikki Robinson conserved him as well as after a number of efforts at taking him to wild animals facilities and also veterinarians, Nikki was let down in the absence helpful. Nonetheless, her mom Linda has had experience increasing raccoons and also after a little persuasion, took the little raccoon in. They called him Little Hands as well as fell for the garbage panda. Surprisingly enough, Little Hands maintained returning. Nikki neither Linda have actually never before experienced such a caring raccoon.

We love seeing how close of connection animals can have with people who rescued them. These relationships are proof of how compassionate and emotional animals can be. Hence, here are some pictures of this raccoon that are just as adorable as they are unlikely!

More info: Instagram |

#1 Camouflaging….

#2 . Happiest little guy I got to care for ❤️

#3 And he’s off into the trees of his outdoor enclosure with other coons to learn to be a coon!

#4 Am I disturbing something?

#5 Sleepy head

#6 Dwayne

#7 Omg, did I leave the stove on?

#8 Dwayne “the RAC” Johnson

#9 We need more trash pandas to get through the day, so I’m digging out some gems for you!

#10 Trash Panda’s little hands.

#11 Gotta’ Practice!

#12 Happy lil’ Trashpanda Bug, climbing trees.

#13 Reaching for the end of the week, like….

#14 Don’t stare at me for so long. You will fall in love.

#15 Wishing you a wonderful day

#16 It’s Monday, just grin and bare it!

#17 The cuteness is vastly underrated!

#18 Lazy morning

#19 Lil’ Lady Bug.

#20 New grandchild for mom!

#21 Loves to play in Mom’s hair.

#22 Baby Trash Panda, still gotta feel everything….

#23 Peek-a-boo


#25 Trash Panda daughter, Buttercup

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