Hideous DIY’s That Got Shamed in the “That’s It, I’m Craft Shaming” Facebook Group

DIY’s are some of the things that help people get creative, relax their minds, and feel more positive around something. It is a great feeling when you just gather a bunch of stuff and start making something from scratch, and it’s even better when the results turn out to be as you expect. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. There are a lot of arts and craftspeople who tried to make something good of them but instead turned out to be a complete mess.

Crafting is not for everyone, and this Facebook group “That’s it, I’m craft shaming.” proves you that. Counting around 100k members, this group shares some of the most hideous crafts ever seen on the internet. Just because you will find some tools laying around the house, doesn’t mean that you can glue or decorate the whole house with them. Somethings just have to remain the way they are without your artistry getting in the way.

Below we made a collection of some of these crafts that it was even hard to lay eyes on. Scroll down below to check them out.

1. I finally found one in the wild. I almost commented on it talking about the awful sore thumb lettering, but then I realized it was in a genuine crafting group

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

2. Found on eBay. For reals. Is that… duct tape? Sticky side out? What is even happening here? At least it’s only a dollar?

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

3. Those are apparently roses, but it startled me as I was scrolling through my feed

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

4. Found at a souvenir store in New Orleans on Market Street

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

5. I can’t believe someone looked at this and went “yup, this turned out good, I can get money for this”. I have a even harder time believing that someone looked at this and went “yup, I wanna buy this garbage”. But apparently, both things happened…

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

6. What country bumpkin fresh hell is this?

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

7.Spotted on Marketplace. The patchy pink, the crowded letters, the SINGLE plastic bedazzle jewel thing, just… why ?This does not give me confidence.

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

8. I’m sure some of you weirdos will love this, it just gives me personally nightmares about cleaning it.

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

9. Legitimately thought this was originally posted by this group. Nope, someone’s actually selling these for $10. It’s the look on the dog’s face for me.

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

10. I’m not sure what’s worse…The fact that someone is trying to sell a stick in a pot for $100, or the fact that they expect someone to want this in their home…

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

11. When I seen this in a group all I could think of was Buffalo Bill, Silence of the Lamb

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

12.When sewing, always remember pattern placement is key

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

13. On my way out of the gym, and I saw this abomination.

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

14. Why would anyone think this was a good idea? WHY??!

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

15. I think this qualifies. On my local garage sale page

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

16. My mate found this when she was looking for table centerpieces to make

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

17. Finally got one…. feast your eyes….

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

18. And thank goodness for that!

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

19. She painted her couch with house paint

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

20. Found in my local marketplace group

That’s it, I’m craft shaming

“Because Nothing Comes Before Profit, Especially Not The Consumer”: 30 Examples Of Not Just Bad But Evil Design

Have you ever looked at something that looked so bad you thought it deserved to be shamed online? Like, look at these. they’re made so weirdly that you would even laugh at these hilarious design fails. You can poke fun at them, you can berate them, just like everybody else.

But what if I tell you that there’s more than that? Sure, those images from the previous article were funny, I must say. However, have you ever seen terrible designs that are intentionally done? Yes, they exist, and their goal is to profit. And that’s what we’re going to see today as we dive into the world of A-Hole Design – the darker and more unethical side of Crappy Design.

More info: Reddit

#1 Press Dismiss To Update This Printer

Image source: disintegore, twitter.com

#2 Disney Leaves The Inside Of Their $6 Icecream Hollow

Image source: ThatTheoGuy

#3 This Design Pisses Me Off Every Single Day

Image source: tazzzzzzzz0

#4 They Replaced Half The Mirrors In My Local Shopping Mall’s Bathroom With Advertising Boards!

Image source: BradleyZ17

#5 Amazon Prime Video Doesn’t Tell You If A Show Is Unavailable In Your Country Until After You Subscribe To Amazon Prime

Image source: Iescaunare

#6 Taxes

Image source: MayoBoy69, twitter.com

#7 Cup Design That Makes The Drink Look Like It Has Actual Fruit

Image source: St-Paerikus

#8 Appstore For You

Image source: reddit.com

#9 Youtuber Gets Every Single Video On His Channel Copyright Claimed Despite Having The Rights To All The Music In His Videos

Image source: coolethanps2, twitter.com

#10 The Sticker Was A Lie

Image source: Doophie

#11 Perfectly Fine Lighters With No Way To Refuel Them… Planned Obsolescence Is Asshole Design And Terrible For The Environment

Image source: redditUserError404

#12 My Work Place’s ‘Low Plastic, Recyclable Eco-Pens’ Have A Secret At Their Core

Image source: dwarvencrap

#13 Both Weigh 500g But The Green One Is In A 30% “Bigger Bag More To Share”

Image source: AApickleAA

#14 Brand New Protein Powder, Not Even Filled Half Whey

Image source: Furious_Flames

#15 Designed For Dissuading The Homeless. Literally Just Uncomfortable For Everyone Else

Image source: Machdame

#16 Such A Great Deal!

Image source: Guevarra25

#17 The Fact That You Can’t Uninstall Facebook On Certain Phones

Image source: Dark_Inferno98

#18 Natural Is A Trademark

Image source: yaserafriend

#19 They Decided To Completely Cover Their Tenants’ Windows With Ads Because Who Needs Natural Light And Fresh Air?

Image source: jadondrew

#20 Dislikes Helped You Know If A Video Was A Scam, Misleading Or Had False Information

Image source: LeuxD

#21 Felt Like This Sub Would Appreciate This Statement

Image source: the_gaming_princess, twitter.com

#22 Hellofresh. If I Don’t Need To Call To Make Orders, I Shouldn’t Need To Call To Unsubscribe

Image source: goldollazz

#23 My Age Preferences Are There For A Reason, Tinder

Image source: AppleSlize

#24 My Chinese “Smart TV” Plays A 15 Second Chevrolete Commercial Every Time I Turn It On

Image source: MuayThai1985

#25 Spending $175 On A Textbook Only To Receive A 2 Inch Stack Of Unbound Papers. Binder Sold Separately!

Image source: FrenchiToasti

#26 Cashing In On That *cough*

Image source: paris_christine, twitter.com

#27 Really?

Image source: EveningBluebird

#28 I Chose The Bottle Because A Tube Wasn’t Enough! This Trojan Trickery Is An Abuse Coming From A Brand With Recognition

Image source: PoorGeno

#29 Literal Hell For Budget Flyers – Standing Seats

Image source: DistinctScene0

#30 This Mcdonalds Menu

Image source: SkepticHQ, twitter.com

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