Husband Transforms The Old Attic Into His Wife’s Dream Walk-In Closet

We’ve always fantasized about having an MTV Cribs style walk-in wardrobe – the kind that you could get lost in.

A doting husband who transformed a disused attic into a stunning walk-in closet for his wife has won high praise across social media for the impressive DIY project.

Rodolfo Cabrera, 40, from Maryland, built the bespoke monochrome closet in the home he shares with his wife Idaly, 37, and their daughter Josdallana.

Mr. Cabrera, who owns his own construction company, revealed he spent between $25,000 and $30,000 creating the chic space, which is complete with custom storage, a cozy nook, and plenty of space to store her accessories.

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Rodolfo Cabrera completely remodeled his family home attic and turned it into a stunning closet for himself and his wife

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His project went viral when his daughter shared the photos online


Here’s what the unfinished attic looked like before. It was very dirty and quite spooky


Here’s a midway snapshot of the remodeling job


Ta-dah! The finished closet!


The stairs were the hardest part of the project



They lead all the way up to the newly refurbished attic



The furniture was brought in from the master bedroom



The attic even has a comfortable niche for some rest and relaxation


Rodolfo remodeled his attic with the help of his colleagues from his company Remodeling & Design LLC which he founded 4 years ago


The entire project took around 3 weeks from start to finish


Upgrading the attic cost between 25k and 30k dollars


The attic has enough space for the entire family’s clothes now…


…not to mention how classy everything looks now



Here’s a video tour of the revamped attic! Absolutely gorgeous!


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After doing the poll many people said yes to doing a room tour so here it is!

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The rest of the house looks like the redone attic

Photos of the attic went viral after Rodolfo’s daughter Joserin Cabrera shared them on Twitter. Joserin’s post got more than 439.6k likes and was retweeted more than 68.2k times which just goes to show how much people adored her dad’s beautified attic.

Joserin said that she expected “a few likes and retweets because people love a good before-and-after.” However, she revealed that she never expected the huge amount of attention the photos got.

She said that both she and her mom were both over the Moon with the remodeling job. “We were both really amazed because we knew it was going to look good but he exceeded our expectations.”

According to Joserin, the rest of their house actually looks like their attic. “Everything was redone by my dad and his company, Remodeling And Design LLC, before we moved in.”

The husband let his creativity take over
Rodolfo told House Beautiful that he was inspired to create the dream closet when he realized that they both needed some more space for their clothes. “One day, I went up to my attic and I began to think ‘Wow, we have all this empty space that we can transform into something else,’” he said.

But before any major renovations could happen, the first step was cleaning up the attic because it was very dirty. Rodolfo and his employees then got down to business. They did the framing, the electrical, hung up the drywall, did the plastering, and finished up the ceiling design with the LED lights.

Then they installed the shelves and moved furniture from Rodolfo and his wife’s bedroom into the closet. Rodolfo admitted that his creativity just took over.

If you’re thinking of doing a similar remodeling of your own attic, then you ought to know that the materials used were 2×4 wood planks, drywall, insulation, electrical wire, LED strip lighting, recessed lights, as well as paint (and lots of it).

According to Rodolfo, the biggest challenge was doing the stairs leading up to the gorgeous attic. “They are only attached to one wall so we needed to add as much support as we could to that one side.”

Josdallana received a slew of responses from users, many of whom said they wanted to find their own DIY husband who could build them their own walk-in wardrobe.

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