April 14, 2021

If You Hate Decorating The Back Of A Christmas Tree And Also Want To Save Space, Now You Can Get The ‘Half Christmas Tree’

Do you struggle every year trying to figure out how or if you should decorate the backside of your family’s Christmas tree?

Worry not, you can now buy half a festive fir that takes less time to put lights and baubles on.

It’s not just a great product for those who are a little bit lazy.

The Christmas tree also works wonders in properties that are a bit pushed for space.

You can place them against a wall and they take up a lot less room than your traditional fir.

High-end stores like Hammacher Schlemmer and Balsam Hill are stocking the half trees – but you can get them on a budget too.

Turns out, there are ‘half’ Christmas trees that saves space and you don’t have to decorate the back

Image credits: Hammacher Schlemmer

Very, eBay and Christmas Tree World are selling the Christmas trees for less than £50.

The Very one retails at just £39.99 – and it’s very popular with shoppers who live in flats.

Its website explains: “This may look like a regular Christmas tree, but it’s been cleverly designed so that one side is completely flat, so no matter how limited your space might be, you and your family can still enjoy the magic of having a tree in your home.

“Standing an impressive 6ft tall and featuring 511 tips for a lush look, you can stand it flat against the wall to save on valuable floor space… it also means you don’t have to worry about any of your favourite decorations being out of sight at the back!

“It comes complete with a folding metal stand, and its hinged branches mean it’s easier to get into the loft or garage when the festive season is over.”

The idea is that the half Christmas tree leans on the wall that it is placed at


Image credits: Hammacher Schlemmer

The product has a four out of five-star rating on the Very website.

Many are pleased they’ve been able to buy trees that fit comfortably in their homes.

One commenter gushed: “I bought this Christmas tree as my old one just didn’t fit in my new home.

“It was so big and I needed something that didn’t take up to much space.

“This tree is perfect – it nice and bushy and as it’s half a tree it goes up to the wall so looks great without sticking out too far.

“It takes half the time to get it up and ready. I’m really happy with it.”

To make things even lazier, it comes with 350 pre-strung LED lights rated to work 25k hours

Image credits: Hammacher Schlemmer

If you’re like me, and hate decorating the back of the tree, or just want to save some space this Christmas, you should really check out these Hammacher Schelmmer Half Christmas Trees. It looks like they run $249.95, and can be purchased by clicking here.

That being said, the Hammacher Schelmmer Half Christmas Trees aren’t your only option for half trees. I have found couple cheaper options for you on Amazon. However, hammacher Schelmmer does appear to have the only half trees with multicolored lights, if that’s your thing. You can take a look at the other half trees that I found on Amazon by clicking the links below.

The 6.5-feet-high ‘half’ tree is distributed by the American retailer Hammacher Schlemmer

Image credits: Ambius Nederland

It can be purchased from the Hammacher Schlemmer’s website for $249.95

Image credits: my.happy.home.xx

Turns out, there’s also a ‘quarter’ or ‘corner’ tree that’s available in Target

Image credits: Target

And there’s also another kind of ‘half’ tree by Argos that’s half horizontally, not vertically

Image credits: Argos

What are your thoughts on this? Would you consider using just half of a tree for Christmas this year? Let us know in the comment section below!

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