April 17, 2021

Kendra Thomas Transformed An Old 1995 RV Into A Beautiful Home For Her And Her Kittens

Kendra Thomas always wanted to own an RV and has been looking for one for months. Then she noticed one for sale at a dealership 200 miles away, close to the Texas border – a 1995 Chevy Seven Seas Cobra with only 36,000 miles on the clock – and something in her heart told her this was the one. The woman ended up purchasing the 25-year-old RV and gave it a complete overhaul, turning into a welcoming home for herself and her two newly-adopted kittens. Kendra even shared pictures of the whole process and they’re incredibly satisfying to look at – check them out in the gallery below!

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Kendra Thomas always wanted an RV and after months of searching has finally purchased one, a 1995 Chevy Seven Seas Cobra

The woman ended up nicknaming it “Janeway” after Kathryn Janeway from Star Trek.

The RV was really showing signs of aging

The wallpaper was peeling off and the furniture was terribly dated

The RV was far from perfect – it was full of dust and even mold in some spots.

The overcab was in the worst condition and needed a lot of work

The overcab was leaking and the rotting wood needed to be replaced.

Luckily Kendra got some help from her furry friends!

The woman was fostering these two adorable kittens at the time

“They would sit in the window watching me walk back and forth from the house to the RV all day and sometimes all night as I worked,” said Kendra.

The woman started by cleaning out the RV and removing the old carpeting

She then bought new hardware and fabrics and gave the old cabinets a fresh coat of paint

She even repainted the countertops!

Kendra also removed the peeling wallpaper and gave the walls a coat of oil-based paint.

A lot of time went into preparing the RV for painting

Kendra even installed new floorboards!

And here’s the end result – you have to agree that all that hard work was worth it


Kendra even created a space for the kittens to play in in the overcab area

They also got their own cat tree

Kendra ended up adopting both of the kittens

“They are no longer foster kittens. They are my furever kittens!” says the woman

Let’s hope the three of them go on many fun adventures in the future!