Realistic Paradise Island Cakes Almost Too Beautiful To Eat

Who doesn’t want to eat a piece of cake from time to time? The thought of making a cake is not only mouth-watering but satisfying as well. Well, what if you were told cakes can be more than just the normal vanilla appearance?

The world seems to have moved on from banana bread and is now obsessed with tropical island jelly cakes. Since most of us can’t go to an actual tropical island this summer, you may as well make a cake looking like one instead. Likewise, the trend is sweeping across social media with bakers across the globe.

They are evidently taking over the World Wide Web as they are sharing amazing paradise island cakes. Ranging from tiny chocolate shipwrecks, colorful corals to cookie crumb beaches, these cakes are worthy of every penny. In short, the tropical blues and the dreamy greens will make you want to dive straight into these cakes. Literally!

Below you can find breathtaking paradise island cakes which are indeed a beauty to behold!
















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Sculpture Lovers Share Their Work, and Here Are 25 Incredible Pieces of Art

The sculpture is a medium of visual art that has been present since the dawn of time. Sculpture operates in three dimensions. It is one of the plastic arts. Depending on the sculpture, the process of creation can take quite some time. The whole process is separated into two parts, carving ( the removal of the material) and modeling (the addition of material as clay). Luckily today there’s a variety of materials where you can choose with which you wanna work. Starting from stone, to metal, wood, and ceramics, there are a lot of materials out there to experiment with.

A lot of sculpture lovers and sculptors have come together through an online community called r/Sculpture. This subreddit counts 44.5k members who all share their passion for sculpture. They welcome all forms of sculpture created at all skill levels, therefore allowing all kinds of people from amateur to professionals to share their work.

This place is where we love to go when we want to ease our minds, and we believe you’ll feel the same. Below is a collection we compiled with some of the work we like best. Make sure to upvote your favorite as you check them out.

1. My peacock sculpture that took about 200 hours


2. My mom really wanted a baby Yoda for Christmas, so I made one for her.


3. Saturn Devouring His Son – Balloon Sculpture


4. This is the Brazilian sculptor Diego Andrade, he is not known in Brazil, but I admire the works he does and wanted to share with you. (Sculpture: Saint Sebastian, 2018)


5. Hello new to sculpting, looking for friends in the community to get motivated. My Bugs incense burner


6. Lifesized Walrus I carved Out Of 3 Logs


7. I Carved this Woman holing her hair from one piece of wood – its finished! I really hope You like it !!


8. I recreated a lobster from leather. 95 pieces, five days.


9. Hey guys! I just wanted to share my awesome news! My sculpture of a girl is now casted in bronze with patina! Looks so great! My first bronze cast EVER! I’m so excited!!


10. Serene, monsterclay. Done with sculpting this piece. Here’s a final look before casting.


11. We started doing speed sculpting. This was 1hr 30 mins with a model.


12.  The bison sculpture I’ve been working on since May. Each hair is individually sculpted and affixed, and I’m very close to being done with him. Hope you enjoy.


13. 2nd attempt on making realistic faces, what do you guys think?


14. I recreated a box turtle from leather


15. Wooden bathtub, by me, chainsaw carving, 2019


16. Friendly Grizzly Bear I Carved


17. Giant Isopod from polymer clay


18. My first bust, made with clay


19. Plaster sculpture I did… thoughts?


20. Dwellings of the Gods, Peru


21. Robot Lady


22. Expansion by Paige Bradley, New York.


23. I Handmade Creatures From A Fantasy World.


24. Anatomical head study


25. Pegasus sculpture I just completed


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