People Share Their Garden DIYs, and Here Are 20 of Their Best

Gardening is one of the calmest hobbies you could have.  Being surrounded by plants can be very relaxing, and there are a lot of benefits from it. It’s amazing to discover the amazing world of plants, find out how they make food, live, and grow, what health benefits they provide. There are a lot of interesting facts about plants that you probably didn’t know. For example, some of the types of bamboo plant can grow one meter in a single day or the fact that there is some type of plants that feed with insects, called carnivore plants.

Gardening is quite underrated nowadays, but it’s actually something quite fun to do. If you want to do something like this, there are some things you should keep in mind before you begin. Location is one of the key points when it comes to gardening.

You need to make sure the plants you want to plant have the right amount of light as they need. You have to test your soil’s pH level, feed, and water the plants regularly, and always start small. There’s no need to plant your whole garden when you’re not sure if you’ll be able to take care of it. Those are some of the basic things you need to know before you begin, but something important as well is the ideas relating to what you want your garden to look like, or function.

Scroll down below to see a beautiful collection of images with all sorts of ideas that will inspire you to design your own garden and turn it into a beautiful oasis.

1. My dad’s garden. He has gotten to the point where he now has to sneak in new plants and little statues so my mum doesn’t tell him off for hoarding! 


2. Current view from my sewing studio 


3. The Grandparents Garden is looking AMAZING 


4. My grandpa says we “need to get the word out” about how beautiful his Crepe Myrtle is. 


5. My dad’s Japanese garden on the first sunny day of 2019


6. Not mine, but my boyfriend’s mother’s garden this evening. (Just about 1/5th of it). 


7. This was just a pile of dirt when we moved here 2 years ago


8. My mum doesn’t use Reddit but I thought I’d show off her pride and joy- UK 


 9. Four years of hard work later 


10. My husband passed away in December. I’ve learned gardening is a great way to deal with grief. I installed this 2,500-gallon pond this spring and have been working on the landscaping. I’m pretty proud of it


11. What a difference a few years can make. Idea 2017 vs. Established garden 2020 


12. Beehives, a shade garden, and a new shed, and I think my backyard is finally finished


13. Summer is here 


14. My garden is my happy place. 


15. Watering your plants while on vacation


16. How to regrow romaine lettuce from the stem


1. Eat your purchased lettuce, cutting the leaves at about 1 inch from the bottom.
2. Place the remaining stem in a shallow dish of water (about 1/2 inch).
3. Place on a window sill or under grow lights.
4. Change water in the bowl every 1 to 2 days.
5. Watch your lettuce grow. It is truly remarkable how quickly the new shoots start. You may also notice that roots will start to grow on the bottom.
5. After 10-12 days, your lettuce is going to be as big as it will likely ever get. It’s not going to be a full head of lettuce, it’ll just be enough to top a sandwich or make a small salad. But how cool is that!
6. If you leave your lettuce beyond this point, it will become spindly and bitter as it attempts to produce seed. It won’t be pleasant to eat at this point. You’ll know it has reached this point when the leaves start turning a blue-green color and/or the main stalk shoots up and leaves become less dense. Trust me, eat it when it’s like the photo below.

17. Our local farmers have established so-called “Flora belts” for the bees in their fields (Funen, Denmark)

18. A bit late to the party, but here’s my lockdown garden transformation 


19. Hello, I’m Alessandro and this is my urban garden in London, UK. I’m also passionate about beekeeping and I do everything 100% organic 


20. A couple of years ago I threw a pineapple top in the dirt to compost. Today I’m harvesting these two beauties 


21. Incorporating Rain Into Your Garden


20 Facts About Japan That Will Show You Why This Country Is Worth Visiting

Japan is a large country that everyone dreams of visiting at least once in their lifetime. There are a lot of things that make this country stand out from the rest. Japan is definitely one of the most futuristic places in the world. We made a list of facts before that point out all the great things about it, which you can check here.

However, today we made a fresh list of images and reasons why this place should be on the top of your traveling list.

From the extremely technologically advanced to the gorgeous scenery, delicious food, fascinating history. Scroll down below to check out all these amazing facts about this place. Make sure to upvote your favorite reason for visiting this place.

1. A hotel in Tokyo has a reception desk that is run by robot dinosaurs


2. I recently gave birth in Japan. Here is some of the hospital food I ate


3. This sign in Japan shows the proper seating etiquette


4. A café in Japan is hiring paralyzed people to control robot servers in order to still make an income


5. Unattended grocery store. Just pick what you want and leave the money in the jar


6. Penguin soap opera in Kyoto aquarium


7. Japan is a rapidly ageing population and is running out of workers to take care for elders. They are solving this problem with robots. One of them – Robear – is able to lift a parson and transfer him to a wheelchair or help to get to a bathroom


8. Japanese toilets often have a button that plays white noise/water sounds so you can poop without other people hearing your business


9. There is a phone booth known as the “telephone of the wind” on a hill overlooking the ocean in Otsuchi town in northeastern Japan. It is connected to nowhere, but people come to “Call” family members lost during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami


10. Japan repair a sinkhole in Fukuoka city in 2 days

11. Another reason why I love Japan


12. Flight delayed in Japan. Airline employees bow to the passengers to apologize


13. At Japanese airports, the baggage handlers arrange luggage by color so it’s easier for you to find your bag


14. Another great Japanese invention: umbrella lockers. So you don’t have to carry them around inside a building and nobody takes yours ‘accidentally’


15. Subways in Japan have women only cars


16.These square watermelons in japan – grown in boxes to shape them while on the vine – for convenient stacking, shipping, and refrigerator storage


17. This toilet in japan has a system of occupied/vacant toilets information


18. Expectations meet reality in Japan


19.In the city of Shimabara on Japan’s Kyushu island, the drainage canals are so clean they are home to hundreds of koi carp


20.This shopping center in japan has free refrigerated lockers for your perishables so you can keep shopping after you get your groceries


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