Photographer Uses Her Lens to Show Us What Happens Behind the Walls of the American Bedrooms

We are used to seeing a façade of people nowadays, we see what they choose to present to the public eye through their social media mostly, but we never really know what happens behind the walls. Barbara Peacock uses her lens to bring down these walls and show that realness that goes on when the doors are closed.

The American commercial photographer has started a project called American Bedroom – reflections of the nature of life. The whole idea behind the project is to show who Americans are as individuals and a nation through detailed and intimate portraits taken in the bedrooms across the USA.

The photographer invites her friends and strangers as well to open the door for her in order to depict the true image of an American. As she explains on her website, ” American Bedroom is a cultural and anthropological study of Americans in their private dwelling; their bedroom. The scope of the project is all corners of the United States. The journalistic merit of the project is to embrace and consider all lives and the minute details of each enigmatic life. Ultimately these moments will allow us to look inward at the complex beauty of humankind, ourselves, and fellow Americans. Within the existing walls, light, and time frame I am given I must tell their story and conversely put my imprint as an artist with my personal perspective and viewpoint on the world.”

Scroll down below for some amazing shots that portray the real intimacy of people that we often try so hard to hide.


Mark age 66- ‘I hold onto life day by day with dialysis. I can’t bear the thought of leaving my family. My will to live is stronger than to die, at least for today.’ Knox Maine – © Barbara Peacock


Pepere – age 88- I wake quietly everyday so I don’t disturb her, then I remember, she is gone. Jay, Maine – © Barbara Peacock


Jessica – age 18 – ‘Sometimes life throws you in all sorts of directions, the most important part about life is to remember you are exactly where you need to be.’ Milford, New Hampshire – © Barbara Peacock


Karen & Christopher- ages 49. 48 – ‘Working hard is easy for us, but winding down takes time. Electronics stay out of the bedroom so we can recharge the natural way, in each other’s arm.’ Brooklyn, NY- © Barbara Peacock


Chevy age 27 – ‘I really want better for my kids. Right now we all live in one room. We’re trying to get a house and a car before the snow comes. When we get it together we will get married. I dream of becoming a photographer ‘ Detroit, MI
© Barbara Peacock


Mary – age 48 – ‘People would be surprised to realize how many people in this town live day to day in practically third world conditions, winters without heat, no water, entire families squatting in substandard housing. We’re luckier than most to own our own house even without heat or hot water ‘ Detroit, MI- © Barbara Peacock


Betty – age 87 – ‘My husband died. I smoke in the house now.’ Sweden Maine – © Barbara Peacock


Alice & Chris – 38 and 40 – ‘Time alone is rare with busy lives , two kids and a cat. Any time we get we savor, as summer just seems to seep away,’ Portland, Maine – © Barbara Peacock


Keto – age 26 – ‘It’s been hard. My brother killed himself and my father has been missing for 4 years. I do art because it keeps me sane.’ Detroit, MI – © Barbara Peacock


Thor – age 6 – “I like jumping on my Mom’s bed cause my bed is in a closet.’ Westbrook, Maine – © Barbara Peacock


Chase Family – Josh 38, Rean 37, Jackson 5 & Amelia 1 – ‘I hate my bedroom. It’s so cramped and small. But, we waited a long time to have kids so when we are all together I’m happy.’ Rean – Merrimac, Massachusetts – © Barbara Peacock


China – age 27 – ‘My Mom died when I was six. I have been chasing her ghost trying to feel close to her and to find out who I am. I hope for peace one day, to find love and have a place to live of my own.’Manhattan, NY – © Barbara Peacock


Cody – age 15 – ‘It’s been really frustrating. I can’t do anything. I can’t hang out with my friends, can’t play sports. I’m stuck here…just me and my illness.’ (Rheumatic Fever), Portland, Maine – © Barbara Peacock


Diana & Caleb – ages 19 – 22 -‘Before we met we were those kids who didn’t like relationships but now we understand the importance of finding someone to share your life with’ Portland, Maine – © Barbara Peacock


Nito- age 28 – ‘Much of what you see isn’t some showcase of fun colorful things I’ve acquired. Everything contains a story attached to my friends and life experiences. So, despite it’s cluttered look, having easy access to those cherished memories is quite calming and helps me still feel close to those people and experiences.’ Cambridge, Massachusetts – © Barbara Peacock


Elen age – 35 – ‘Ive nursed my babies while milking the goats at the same time. I’ve had a baby strapped to my back while towing an Airbnb guest of the road during a blizzard. There are days when I slow down & see the kids playing with the lambs or eating carrots out of the ground. There are beautiful sunsets here & it’s easier without a partner. I just keep a bunch of loud dogs and few loaded guns around.’- Brooks, Maine – © Barbara Peacock


Claire – age 12 – i have always cherished my bedroom because it is cozy an reminds me of being a child. Now I am growing up and experiencing all sorts of new things. I like that my room doesn’t really changes. – © Barbara Peacock


Germaine – age 86 – ‘I can’t walk far. I have to wait for everyone and everything.’ Westford, Ma – © Barbara Peacock


Jon age 71 – ‘My wife and I, along with our Charley dog and two cats, live in a round house at the end of a ridge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, because we believe in the circle of life and that what goes around, comes around.’ Boone, North Carolina – © Barbara Peacock

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Horse Photobombs Maternity Shot With His Hilarious Contagious Smile

A lot of couples who are expecting a kid, like to celebrate their waiting moments with a sweet photo shoot. So did Amanda Ecksteing and her partner Philip Werner. However, this photo shoot didn’t go as they thought it would. The couple turned out to Kristen Zaffiro to shoot the images. However, they decided to include their horses in the photoshoot as well.

As the couple was posing, the photographer asked everyone to smile. The horse in the background obeyed to that commend, where you can see him photobombing this maternity shot in the best way possible. What started with a goofy smile, ended up with a crack up laughter.

This maternity shot is definitely one to remember. No one knew that the horse would laugh when told to do so. This turned out to be the best maternity shoot ever for the photographer. The funny photobomb instantly went viral on Facebook with 138,000 likes, 323,000 shares, and 30,000 comments making people’s days all over the world brighter.

More info: Facebook

Photography By Kristen

The Indiana couple celebrated their sweet expecting moments with a maternity photo shoot.

Photography By Kristen

They decided to include their horses in it as they are part of the family.

Photography By Kristen

However, one of the horses named Buckshot had his own idea for the shooting.

Photography By Kristen

He quickly got into the photo shoot spirit, and didn’t hesitate to give a big smile when the photographer asked them to.

Photography By Kristen

Buckshot started with a small and humble smile but kept carrying on the photobomb

Photography By Kristen

In the end, he stole the show with a wide toothy grin which made him look like he’s dying from laughter

Photography By Kristen

This turned out to be the most memorable maternity shoot for the photographer.

Photography By Kristen

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