Shoppers Say Weird Poses Of Zara Models Makes It Impossible To Do Online Shopping (25 Pics)

For a model or anyone on the spotlight for that matter, it is always important to strike the perfect pose. But Zara has taken this concept of ‘striking a pose’ to another level. Known as a serial offender in weird and controversial fashion choices, the Spanish clothing retailer Zara is leaving everyone baffled again.

One fan, believed to be from the UK, took to Twitter to share a picture of a model wearing a coat back to front, before captioning the post: ‘It’s actually impossible to shop on Zara.’

And many took to the comments section to agree, with one even going so far as to say ‘they’ve gone too far.’

‘Looool seriously, it’s like they don’t want to make more money,’ commented one, while a second wrote: ‘For real you want to be knowing what the outfit will actually look like and you can never even tell by the photos they take.’  third agreed: ‘The new layout, the style of modelling, the whole thing is just annoying now. Please, I just want a coat. What’s all this nonsense?’


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The fashion giant Zara is a part of the Inditex Group, which in 2019 reported a sales growth of 7%, setting new records for revenues, profits, and cash. Inditex’s portfolio includes other successful fashion brands like Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear, Bershka, Stradivarius, and more. However, Zara stands out as a particular leader in the pack. It was ranked 29th on global brand consultancy Interbrand’s list of best global brands and surpassed the Swedish giant H&M.

The secret to Zara’s success has to do with its strategy to go hand in hand with rapidly changing fashion trends with virtually no delay. According to Who What Wear, one thing Zara will never do is produce or design the same garment twice. When the product sells out, it’s never going to be remade in the exact same fashion. However, you can spot the same materials, patterns, and decors drifting from season to season, one collection to another.


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Zara releases new products about twice a week, which makes it always appealing to returning customers. But imagine how the photo studios are hustling to create the shots you see on the site. Yes, those odd ones too.

Fashion editor Lauren Eggertsen, who visited Zara’s headquarters to learn how it functions, said that “there are 15 studio sets where all the magic happens, and each of them is accompanied by its own team (photographer, stylist, etc.).” There are many different stylists working to create fresh and innovative looks to sell on Zara’s website. That’s why the styling never looks the same even if the image features the product.



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The majority of people who took issue with the picture above questioned the purpose of wearing the attire in such an unusual fashion.

‘What’s the purpose of a back to front coat? You are going to get cold and wet. Fashion has become very weird,’ commented one, while a second wrote: ‘I do not understand.’


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Photographer “Time Travels” by Photoshopping Herself into Old Celebrity Photos

Have you ever imagined if you could go back in time and take a picture with famous people? If yes, you will probably enjoy a similar series in 2013, called “Time Travel” created by an artist, Flora. She is a young fine art photographer from Hungary. She uses exquisite photo manipulation in order to create surreal images that are thematically focused on identity, relationships, and dreams. However, today we will mainly focus on how she discovers the possibilities of the well known “selfie” phenomenon with famous people. Let’s admit that it would be pretty difficult to explain the concept of a selfie to a person from the 20th century. But this fact makes these series even more interesting!

“After the first official picture of a black hole was released last week, I decided to look into the Theory of relativity and I’ve been wondering how cool it was, if I could travel faster than the speed of light, ergo I could travel back in time. While I’ve been making a “selfie” with Albert Einstein (photoshopping myself into a picture of him) I decided to celebrate this amazing discovery with a series of pictures, where I travel back in time. ” writes Flora in her website.

Check out the gallery below. Also, tell us in the comment section below; If you could go back in time who would you like to take a selfie with?

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#1 Marilyn Monroe

Flora Borsi

#2 Mahatma Gandhi

Flora Borsi

#3 John Lennon

Flora Borsi

#4 Salvador Dali

Flora Borsi

#5 Albert Einstein

Flora Borsi

#6 Sigmund Freud

Flora Borsi

#7 Audrey Hepburn

Flora Borsi

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