April 21, 2021

Simple Yet Borderline Genius- 15 Ideas That Will Ease Your Life

Each designer has their own style of creating something. Some focus more on the pretty side, some more on the material, some on the usefulness, some on the price.

There are so many ways to design an item and below we’ve made a list of the best designs ever made. It could be a fries cartoon with an extra pocket for the ketchup or an unusual elevator that just keeps going up and down without having to call it with buttons.

There are a lot of great examples to learn from, and a lot of these items you will want to have in your house or in your city. Scroll down below to see some of the best designs that would make your life so much easier.

1. An unusual elevator in City Hall, Prague

2. If you’re tired walking around the airport, this scootcase will be everything you need. 

3. You can see information on this screen only by standing directly in front of it.

© barneyrubble82 / Reddit

4. This mix of a cocoon hammock and a sleeping bag is purely genius 


5. The solution to perfect tomato slices 


6. A cartoon of fries with an extra pocket for ketchup

© LaBobcat / Reddit

7. Forgot to get a drink before turning Netflix on, no need to worry about that anymore. 


8. The perfect chair when working from home. 


9. This plugging system should be a must for every kitchen. 


10 . No need for all the cutting and squeezing anymore. This sprayer will get all the juices out. 


 11. A coffee table every book lover would want


12. This ice-cream encourages you to brush your teeth after you’ve eaten it.


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13.  This sofa transforms into a bunk bed 


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14. Now you’ll know exactly which chain to pull to turn on the lights or the ceiling fan.

© 9liveslinds / Reddit

15. This backpack will help you kill time when necessary.

© Matroshka / Pikabu