April 19, 2021

The Result Of Combining Architecture And Cake-Making Is Astonishing

Deserts surely are supposed to be delicious, but when they are aesthetic as well, the temptation to try them will be undeniable. That is proved by Dinara Kasko, a pastry chef, who baked an algorithmically-modeled cake in order to present new berry chocolate, Ruby.

Kasko has cooked up an algorithmically-modeled cake made of eighty-one pieces, each with their own unique shape, for a creation that highlights Barry Callebaut’s product ‘ruby chocolate’ at the ruby chocolate event in Shanghai. One of the biggest chocolate producers in the world, Callebaut invited four pastry chefs, including Kasko, to Shanghai to present the chocolate in a signature creation.

More info: Dinara Kasko

Her design was inspired by the works of artist and paper engineering, Matthew Shlian. using the graphic algorithm editor ‘grasshopper,’ a mold was made by taking the traditional pyramid and carefully changing the tilt of the composition. The angled forms worked together to create an overall dynamic shape, but the chef’s creativity could also be found inside each of the cake pieces. In its interior, the cake contained a mousse, ganache, and meringue of chocolate ruby. the berry confit at the center of each piece emphasized the berry flavor of the chocolate and was complemented by a biscuit below.

Now, what would you give to get your hands on one of those pieces?

The cake was created to present ‘ruby’ chocolate, one of the main ingredients

The idea was to create a set of elements that works together in a larger composition.

The overall form was inspired by the work of artist Matthew Shlian