April 14, 2021

This Girl for Her Birthday Gets a “Star Wars” Rocking Horse Built by Her Dad

Every kid has desires for different games.

This dad from Austria, Tez Gelmir, has built lots of projects for his son, and for his daughter, he wanted to do something special. And he did it.

For his daughter’s first birthday coming up he “felt it was her turn to get some project love and what better way than with her own Speeder Bike?!” This project was inspired by the 74-Z Speeder Bike from Star Wars and if you haven’t seen the movies yet, Tez explained: “The 74-Z Speeder Bike is best known for its appearance in the 1983 movie, Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. In which Imperial Scout Troopers, on the forest moon of Endor, engage in a vicious chase with Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa after the Rebels commandeered the speeder bikes to pursue their foes.

More info: Instructables (h/t: laughingsquid)

Below you’ll see some photos and a video. Enjoy 🙂