This Woodworker Created a Surreal Furniture That Belongs in Disney Movies

Any beginner furnishings maker can construct a plain previous wardrobe or chest of drawers nevertheless it takes critical ability to create one which stands out from the remaining.

Woodwork and carpentry are ancient and noble skills to master. There is a lot of patience, knowledge, and craftsmanship that go into the making of a fine object.

This woodworker from New Zealand is bound to impress you as his designs have recently gone viral for the unique shapes in which he crafts them. Henk, who hails from Auckland, rose to fame when his daughter shared his creations with other fellow woodworkers in their social media group.

He said: “I describe my style of furniture as broken and weird. I like making weird furniture, something that you don’t see in a shop.

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People were absolutely astonished.

I started creating them for the pure love of it without the intention of selling them. But when I run out of space, there will be an eBay auction or two. Everything is for sale… except for my wife,” he said jokingly.

These dressers may look like they have been damaged beyond repair, but they’re fully functional.

He also said: “I was absolutely blown away at how this has gone viral, just a post my daughter put up on a page to share. I never expected ANYTHING like this.”

He is a master of this craft.

Here’s What Birds Would Do if They Had Arms Instead of Wings (Video)

Have you ever wondered how life would be if you didn’t have the body that you have? Let’s say we would have feathered wings instead of arms, or chicken legs. Our whole function in society would change. Or probably, we would adapt to that lifestyle and normalize everything about it. At the end of the day, that’s what we do best. However, let’s leave humans aside, and focus on birds. Now, have you ever wondered what would happen if birds had arms?

If not, this British video-content creator Duncan Evans has shown off his Photoshop skills and illustrated them for you. He created a 30-second video attaching human arms to birds, to help re-imagine them doing mundane chores. Even though, a very short one this video has taken the internet by storm. Shared on his official channels ‘CurlyKidLife’, the video has to amass over 17 million views on Facebook, and another 6 million views on Twitter in a day since it was shared.

From grocery shopping to taking selfies, scroll down below to see the video portraying these birds in a hilarious perspective.

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