April 22, 2021

Wood Crafting Is a Skill You’re Going to Want to Possess Once You See These Incredible Self-made Items That People Shared

Wood crafting is one of the oldest practices that we know. Today, one might think that this craft has started to be forgotten or left aside in the society trying to cope with the new inventions, but you will change your mind once you see the collection of some fine woodwork below. Wood is that material that adds coziness and warmth to your home. It is a long-lasting material that also has quite value.

If you’re a good craftsman, wood is the material to do wonders with. And if you’re looking for inspiration on your next work, there’s a whole subreddit group named Woodworking dedicated to the best wood crafts you will find laying around the house from  furniture, toys to different tools, and anything else that has to do with woodworking as a hobby or profession. People have been sharing some very unique creations that you will love to have in your home once you see them.

1.Saw a nice bed on the web for our daughter. Said to my wife we could do better and she took the challenge.


2. Took a swing at an EntryWay Table


3. Table with a colorful 5 species veneered tabletop and hand-cut joinery, really happy with the result!


4. Walnut coffee table I made 🙂


5. 2 Mahogany carvings I finished recently. “Mother and Child” carved only with hand tools


6. Coffee table made from oak slab


7. First time making toys for my work colleague to celebrate his new baby boy! Painting is way harder than I thought lol


8. I kinda like keeping it simple


9. My cousin crafted this handmade Ukulele for me- Hawaiian Koa back and sides


10. Just finished this floating desk with shelves. What do you all think about it? 


11. “Smoke on the water”


12. Molten Glass on Wood – Wayang


13, After 8 Months Of Hard Work I Can Finally Call It Done! Over 1600 Hrs Of Work Into One Staircase


14. Heard There Was A Plywood Challenge So Here Is My Plywood Rocker For Consideration.


15. I Carved And Gifted The “Terminator Pipe” To Arnold Birthday And He Sent Me A Photo


16. Scroll sawn Project With All Natural Woods (No Stains Or Dyes). Prince John And Hiss From Robin Hood. 


17. I Carved This Gandalf Pipe Out Of Briar Wood


18. Made A Coffee Table. I Think The Proportions Are Perfect


19. I Keep Seeing All Your Quarantine Projects, So I Thought I Might Share Mine Here Too


20. A Rare Look At The Hobbit As A Minimalist Movie Poster Made From 8 Different Woods. I’m Going On An Adventure!