March 1, 2021

10+ Photos Of Dogs That Tried To Be Good Boys But Failed Dramatically

Every single dog loves it when their humans pet them and give them treats, but sometimes they don’t deserve all these cute things. There are some days when you simply want to shout: “Oh my gosh, what have you done?!”. But of course, we can’t stay mad at them after looking into their innocent eyes.

In these pictures below, we can see that for these cute, adorable dogs can’t be a reason for punishment.

1. Going for a walk when it’s snowing:

© EspenBravo / reddit

2. Left him alone outside for 2 minutes!

© Kinky_Unicorn / reddit

3. This butter was tasty.

© MayMyEnemiesLiveLong / imgur

4. My dog stole the neighbor’s cat toy.

© eaglewatch1945 / reddit

5. When your owner is cooking a pie:

© _MidnightDrive_ / reddit

6. Impossible to resist!

© readycent / reddit

7. What a nice hat!

© 7uvH / reddit

8. This dog possesses a superpower.

© TryHardDolphin / reddit

9. Look, I opened the door for you!

© slg9311 / reddit

10. Spoiling a great moment.

© unknown / reddit

11. Oh, you needed this box?

© lavalampdreams / reddit

12. Walking during a rainy day like:

© Hitori000/ pikabu

13. What do you mean, it’s not for me?

© CodyShane13 / reddit

14. Played in a freshly mowed lawn!

© neky96 / reddit

15. Today someone learned that bees are, in fact, not food.

© lildumbo / reddit