April 21, 2021

14 People Who Took Their Dog to the Groomer and Got Back a Completely Different Pet

If you are about to start a new page of life, what you really need is to get a new haircut. And a new haircut works for our furry little friends, as well.

Below you can see these cuties. Enjoy!

A new haircut = a new dog

© TuffEnoughMom / reddit

Transforming Yorkie

© Lorwo / reddit

“I’m so pleased to see his cute grumpy face again.”

© bigkatt_ / credit

Adding some Asian fusion

© tpavy / reddit

“Every time Luna gets a haircut I feel like I have the wrong dog.”

© ilovemaplesyrups / credit

A clean dog is a happy dog.

© ancienteuphoria / credit

Teddy bear Pomeranian style

© 슈앤트리 SHU AND TREE / youtube

From being a Chewbacca to becoming a dog again!

© Lorwo / reddit

“I took the doggo to the groomer. Got a different doggo back.”

© Pacman327 / credit

“It’s 32°C outside, so my dog, One-eyed Snuggles, needed a groomer.”

© Kushaja / credit

After 5 hours of hard work:

© garbagepilequeen / credit

“First haircut. Is this still my dog?”

© Jacomab / credit

How to become a real lady:

© somesweedishtrees / credit

From a wild beast to a cute little bear

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