April 19, 2021

15 Accidental but Yet Amazing Camouflages People Shared on the Internet

Most of the animals are capable to survive in the wild because of their skin’s ability to camouflage depending on the surrounding background. This feature of theirs helps them avoid danger while hiding from predators and also helps them sneak up on prey.

To illustrate better how sneaky they can be, some users of r/AccidentalCamouflage have been sharing examples of the unintentional camouflage they were able to spot from animals, things laying around the house, or even their clothes. As you scroll down in the gallery below, you will have to triple-check the image in order to find the animal because of their high ability to blend themselves with the background, which is completely mind-blowing.

1. Not perfect, but quite satisfying


2. They like to be color coordinated 


3.  One of my dogs in her bed


4. Matching set 


5. How do I look without legs 


6.  Once you see it, you’ll never unsee it. 


7. Don’t step on him 

7.                NooaJ

8. Not sure what the thing actually being camouflaged is but…


9. The Perfect Camouflage!


10. The camo cat


11. Someone told me this belongs here.


12. Only A Top


13. How is she standing?


14. The Way My Pants Blends In With The Floor Pattern


15.When You Have To Go To A Public Event, But You Still Don’t Wanna Be Seen