15 Celebrity Pics From Before They Were Famous

Photography is one of the greatest tools that immortalizes a moment forever. Since it became available in the 19th century, people have been using it widely to document a particular moment in their life.

We often take the pictures we find laying around the house to see what our parents and relatives used to look like when they were young. It’s an amazing feeling being able to bring a time now gone through only a picture.

Nowadays picture is a way of people promoting themselves in social media, fighting unreachable beauty standards, showing off and so on.

But let’s look back to the simpler times when even our inspirational celebrities were just simple humans making their way up to the top. If you’ve ever stopped to think about how they looked like or how they managed their way up to the top, scroll down below to learn about that.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio’s yearbook picture from John Marshall High School

Young Leo got his start acting in commercials in the late ’80s, but the child star landed a recurring role in the original Parenthood (yes, there was a sitcom version before the 2000s drama version). He moved on to movies like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Romeo + Juliet, and hit superstar status with Titanic.

2. Will Smith

Now, this is a story all about how his life got flipped, turned upside down. Back in the ’90s, before he was a Genie in Aladdin or saving the world on Independence Day or fending off aliens in Men in Black, Will Smith was known best for his rapping skills and made it big with NBC series, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

3. Jennifer Lopez in 1992 during a Los Angeles portrait session.

She performed internationally in stage musicals, and at age 16 she made her film debut with a small role in My Little Girl (1986). Her television break came in 1990 when she was cast as one of the “Fly Girls,” dancers who appeared on the comedy show In Living Color.

4. Quentin Tarantino In 1983

Quentin Tarantino showed interest in movies and movie making when he was still at school. At age 15, he worked as an usher at an adult movie theatre. In the 1980s, he had a job as a recruiter in the aerospace industry, and he worked in a video store for 5 years. By watching movies at that store, Tarantino learned a lot about movie making, and later, he was paid to watch movies. The first job he got at Hollywood was in 1986 as a production assistant. In 1992, he wrote and directed Reservoir Dogs, which made him a star director.

5. Katy Perry In 2001

Katy Perry began vocal lessons at age 9 and started singing in church. At age 13, she got a guitar as her birthday present and started playing songs she wrote. In 2001, she released her debut album Katy Hudson, which contained contemporary Christian music, but it was commercially unsuccessful. Her second album, on the other hand, One of the Boys (2008), contained the singles I Kissed a Girl and Hot n Cold, which topped the charts and brought Katy Perry international fame.

6. A young Kurt Cobain composing music

Kurt Cobain started the grunge band Nirvana in 1988 and made the leap to a major label in 1991, signing with Geffen Records. Cobain also began using heroin around this time. On April 5, 1994, in the guest house behind his Seattle home, Cobain committed suicide.

7. 18-Year-Old Robin Williams In His Senior Year Of High School In 1969


Robin Williams started studying political science but realized that this field was not for him and dropped out to pursue acting. He studied theatre for three years at the College of Marin in California. One of the professors, James Dunn, said that he realized how talented Williams was when he was cast in the musical Oliver! as Fagin. When he attended Juilliard, during summers he worked as a busboy. After he graduated, he tended a bar but managed to work his way up to making his first stand-up performance. Later he appeared on television and one of the shows was Mork & Mindy (1978-1982), which can be credited with making Williams famous.

8. Nicole Kidman in 1983

As a schoolgirl she attended a local theater group and, encouraged by director Jane Campion, made a notable film debut in Bush Christmas (1983). Kidman also met one of her best friends, actress Naomi Watts, around this time.

9. 16-Year-Old Angelina Jolie In Circa 1991

Jolie attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute for two years and appeared in some stage productions. Later, Jolie studied drama at New York University. She appeared in her brother’s student films as well as several music videos and worked as a model.

Her first leading role as a professional actress was in 1993 in Cyborg 2, but she didn’t like the outcome and that made her not audition for a year. Jolie’s first breakthrough could be considered her portrayal of supermodel Gia Carangi in Gia (1998). And the role that made her an international superstar was that of Lara Croft in Lara Croft: Tomb Rider in 2001.

10. Bill Clinton at age 12 in 1958

Prior to his presidency, he served as governor of Arkansas (1979–1981 and 1983–1992) and as attorney general of Arkansas (1977–1979). A member of the Democratic Party, Clinton was known as a New Democrat, and many of his policies reflected a centrist “Third Way” political philosophy.

11. Eminem In The 1980s

The first rap song Eminem ever heard was Reckless by Ice-T, Chris “The Glove” Taylor & David Storrs, released in 1984. He began rapping himself when he was 14. Eminem released his first album Infinite in 1996, but it was a commercial failure. Everything changed when he adopted the character Slim Shady and released a new album in 1997, Slim Shady EP. The album caught the attention of Dr. Dre of Aftermath Entertainment. He invited Eminem to work together and released the album Slim Shady LP in 1999, which brought Eminem worldwide fame.

12. Arnold Schwarzenegger circa 1966

Before he became the Terminator, and way before becoming the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger laid claim to the bodybuilding title of Mr. Olympia by showing off his enormous muscles.

13. Vin Diesel In The 1980s

Vin Diesel first performed on stage when he was 7 in the children’s play Dinosaur Door, produced at Theatre for the New City in New York. Theatre as part of his life during his teenage years too and he later studied creative writing in NYC’s Hunter College. He dropped out, but it led him to begin screenwriting. The first role Diesel got was in 1990 in a brief uncredited appearance in the drama film Awakenings. He was cast for a small role in Saving Private Ryan when Steven Spielberg saw Diesel’s short drama film Multi-Facial, in which he also starred. Vin Diesel became an action movie hero with The Fast and the Furious (2001), and XXX (2002).

14. Penélope Cruz

The Spanish sensation was known abroad before hitting it big in the states with Vicki Christina Barcelona. You may have remembered her starring alongside Johnny Depp in Blow or with Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky in the early 2000s. Nowadays, Cruz has taken on bigger roles and collaborated with husband Javier Bardem.

15. Madonna in 1978

Madonna moved to New York City in 1978 to study at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and pursue a career as a dancer. In 1980, she joined the band Breakfast Club as their lead singer, but ventured out on her own a year later. By 1982, the pop icon had scored a record deal with Sire Records and her song “Everybody” was high on the dance charts.

16. After graduating from college, 26-Year-Old Joe Biden Circa 1968.

Mimaki TS55-1800

20 Times People Served Food in the Worst Way Possible

Food is one of the most important things to experiment with within life. You never really lived if you didn’t try food from different cuisines. Food definitely brings you closer to people. For example, when you share a dish with someone from a foreign country, you haven’t shared just a meal, but a whole culture and tradition. The way you serve a meal means everything. However, there are some people who just suck at that part.

r/StupidFood subreddit is a place to lambast idiotic methods of serving food, or any other epicurean inanity worthy of ridicule. This online community counts 270k members who share the most ridiculous ways on how to serve food. Sometimes, honestly, it hurts to watch the way some people manipulate food. We don’t really need to say much as the pictures below speak for themselves.

Scroll down to check them out, just be aware to have your appetite spoiled after.

1. A handful of jam served on a plate at an upscale restaurant


2. My craving for steak has never disappeared faster

3. Fu**ing Deconstructed Coffee


4. Zero waste! You know, minus the coffee grounds you just wasted 


5. Pickles brined in Monster


6. Delectable!


7. “King’s Hand”


8. Gotta go fast


9. I ordered a hot dog and checked ‘Extra Patty’ expecting a second dog. Instead… I present the Hot Durger:


10. Uncooked manicotti



12.Banana water


13. Back at it again

14. Homemade Nachos

15. I present to you, a single slice of bread wrapped in plastic.


16. My roommate microwaved some raw pasta and ate it for lunch yesterday


17. Looking good, looking goo- nope they ruined it.

18. Disneyland is advertising a hot dog stuffed inside a dill pickle that is fried and served with a side of peanut butter


19. Carbonara but didn’t have guanciale so used leftover McDonald’s chicken nuggets instead


20.Finally, a soup I can get behind


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