April 14, 2021

15 Couples Whose Sense Of Humor Makes Their Married Life More Entertaining

It’s wonderful if you were lucky enough to meet your soulmate. But getting married to someone isn’t about just spending the rest of one’s life with the perfect match. For a lot of us, being married means handling life with a sense of humor.

Like if your wife makes Brussels sprouts all covered in chocolate for your coworkers at the office or your husband placed an artificial spider close to your pillow, all of it makes married life a memorable trip, filled with laughter and happiness.

Below you can see the hilarious stories from individuals whose sense of humor assisted them laugh-out-loud the boring monotony from their married life.

Hello Dear, It’s Evident Someone Forget to Close the Computer Last Night. Love You Dearly!

xbyta / Reddit

April Fooled Wife With an Artificial Spidey!

Unknown / Imgur

I Recently Got Married but Months Ago Before the Wedding She Asked What I Wanted as Table Decoration for Our Table. I Replied Saying She Should Surprise Me

Vonfilmjolk / Reddit

It’s April Fool’s Day & Husband’s Colleague’s Birthday Tomorrow So I Made Some Prank Cake Pops!

YoureNotAGenius / Reddit

The Perfect Model for Wife’s Photography Session

TurtleMane95 / Reddit

Me & Our Dog Vs. Wife & Our Cat

mstrblueskys / Reddit

Husband had a crappy day at work, therefore I hid 30 pairs of googley eyes around the apartment. Lot he won’t find for months.

retro_axolotl / Reddit

Wife’s Full Wrapped Desk at Work

ONE_ROPER / Twitter

Wife’s Been Talking About the Replacement of a Broken Cabinet Handle for Several Weeks. I Hope My Effort is Appreciated!

JWLthief / Reddit

Husband Dislikes Small Quantities of Leftovers in the Fridge. Son Pranked Him by Filling the Fridge With 22 Containers, Each With a Strand of Spaghetti on April Fool’s Day

nonnahinnor / Reddit

Wife Freaked Me by Placing Xena in the Shower. Scared Me All the Time!

cowmix / Reddit

Asked Wife to Pick Up Some Frozen Fruit at the Store

tstonge / Reddit

You Didn’t Even Notice!

houseandhens / Twitter

I Entirely Disregarded the Fact Wife Was Laughing in the Other Room When I Informed Her My Mouse Wasn’t Working! Turning It Over I Saw This

xLitecoin / Reddit

Wife Asked I Pick a Roll of Hanukkah Wrapping Sheet. The Requirement Given Was It Should Be Blue & White. Mission Achieved!

bubonis / Reddit