April 21, 2021

15 Examples of How People on Past Predicted What Today Would Look Like

As were living the present, we always try to envision what the future is going to hold. People have been doing this since the dawn of time, but their vision didn’t always become true. Although there are some people that truly amaze us with their future prediction as things turned out to be exactly as they imagined. When you go back and think a time without smartphones, and compare yourself now, it makes you wonder where the future is going to lead us. Are we going to be ruled by a robot army or will aliens finally take over the planet?

Seeing how rapidly the technology has evolved in the last two decades, it’s not so stupid to think of flying cars or trains. But yet, everything escalates so quickly today that is surpasses our vision of the future. Without thinking to much what it’s going to happen tomorrow, let’s take e look back on how people of the past thought today was going to look like.

Scroll down below to see some predictions of the past that really predicted the future exactly as it is today.

1. Monsanto House Of The Future 1957Monsanto House Of The Future 1957


2. In pursuit of a smuggler

Wikimedia Commons

3. Electric scrubbing

Wikimedia Commons

4. Self Driving Cars Of The Future, Circa 1960


5. The New-Fangled Barber 

Wikimedia Commons

6. 1970s Futuristic Concept For Jetliner Air Travel


7. VR In 1989


8. A very busy farmer 

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9. Home Shopping In The 1940s


10.  City Of The Future As Imagined In 1908


11. A tailor of the latest fashion

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12. 1984 Smart Watch


13. This Was An Actual Space Suit Grumman Aircraft Corp Tried To Sell Nasa In 1962


14. Facetime prediction for the future, painted In 1930


15. A Fifties Navigation System.