May 11, 2021

15 Hilarious Advertising Fails That Will Make Your Day

Creating an ad is not an easy job. Considering the product you’re trying to advertise, the content, the target you’ve set, the medium of advertisement, the place is going to take and all that requires a little bit of math to get everything right.

It is a job that will make your brain sweat for sure, but once you have the finished product, there comes that sweet moment when you introduce it to the world.

However, sometimes after quite some time of planning and hard work, even some of the best advertisers can mess it up.

Below is a collection of advertisements spotted in the wild that are completely hilarious they almost seem intentional. Maybe they are, but if not, someone did a really good job at screwing things up.

1. We’ll start off with this one…

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#2 This Ad For Graduation Photography

               Image source: box_cardinal_peanut

#3. Yikes, I don’t think I can get this out of my head:

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#4 This Ad Placement

             Image source: vadge

#5. Maybe this is a message you shouldn’t pay attention to:

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#6. That’s one way to market a speaker:

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#7. I see what they did here:

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#8. Um, OK:

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#9. Hahahahahahahaha:

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#10. Wait, this one is actually really clever, even if its a little gross:

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#11 This Guy Must Be Feeling Pretty Great On This Ad

                  Image source: ErickJail

#12. Maybe this isn’t the best way to market an ice cream social:

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#13 It Almost Seems Intentional

                  Image source: Palifaith

#14 Ad placed in the wrong place 

#15 A Bag Of Apples With A Character On It That Got Poisoned By An Apple

                   Image source: Red_Rolo09

16. Starbucks Slide door Van