April 22, 2021

15+ Images Illustrating the Strong Influence Our Imagination Has on Our Perception

Has it ever occurred to you to see faces in everyday object, to see a dragon in a patch of clouds or a face on the moon? As much as you may think your brain is abnormal for coming up with these things, neuroscience confirms is totally normal. Your not nuts for seeing faces in every corner of the world. These experiences reflect the powerful influence of our imagination over our perception. Indeed this explanation might mean to never trust your eyes again.

This experience known as Paradolia, it’s not something recent. Leonardo da Vinci described seeing characters in natural markings on stone walls, which he believed could help inspire his artworks. In the 1950s, the Bank of Canada had to withdraw a series of banknotes because a grinning devil leapt from the random curls of the Queen’s hair, and there’s a lot of examples when our imagination has influenced our perception and we thought we’re seeing things that actually never existed.

Our brain comes up with these images every once in a while, and not always we’re able to prove what we think we’re seeing. But some people have been able to capture some of these faces of the nature, so scroll down below and don’t miss out.

1.  A cat or a plastic bag

2. Wheelchair and motorcycle 

3. Faces everywhere 

4.  A mountain with a face

5.  Holographic bird 

6. I see a cute puppy, do you see it too? 

7.  Faces of Mars 

8. Looks like a rough conversation to go in between 

9.  This tree is not being treated well, and it shows it. 

10.  A Maddona toast, please!

11.  Smiley trash can

12. A chocolate pretzel or a sad angry face?

13. That ultrasound it’s scary AF! 

14. The spying house. 

15.  Make those eyes sparkle! 

16. 🙂 

17. A pile of snow, or a nice woman’s body