May 11, 2021

15+ Photos Showing The Uncomfortably Comfortable Pet’s Way Of Living Life

Sometimes it feels like we can understand our pets, that we have bridged the animal-human divide and that we can see the logic of their actions. And then your cat goes and does something completely nuts. The animals seem to have a knack for getting themselves in ridiculous positions.

While, in some of the photos, their owners have had some fun with their pets. In another image, a cat appears to bully his mate by shoving his head down the toilet.

Here are some of our favorites. Has your pet ever ended up in a similar situation? Let us know in the comment section.

1. “Goodbye Mufasa! I’m the king now”

2. Be stylish even when drinking from a tap.

3. That’s not how you enjoy the sofa…

4. Bully for you!

5. He’s actually sitting in another dimension.

6. Nothing can interrupt her sleep.

7. “If it fits, I sit.”

8. Cat in liquid form.

9. Bad sleeping face…

10. Not only cats know how to climb a tree.

11. … and found.

12. Well, he can have it either way.

13. Cheer up, buddy! The door is not closed.

14. Cause life needs a bit of a challenge.

15. Overly attached buddies…

16. “You should share the tub, selfish hooman!”

17. Unaware of his size, it seems.

18. “You underestimate my power.”

19. “There’s nothing to see here.”

20. “Present for you!”

21. “What? I’m comfy like this.”

22. When you buy your cat a new bed…

23. Apperetly this is a comfortable way to sleep.

24. “I love watermelon!”