April 14, 2021

15+ Photos That Show Acts of Genius Vandalism

Creatives really do see beauty and humor in places where us mortals don’t see it. We all know that vandalism is a criminal activity but it’s not always wrong. These gems deserve all the recognition they can get, scroll down and let us know about your opinion.

1.  Awesome street art

2. Now, what are you going to do about it?

3. One too many

4. Creative painting on barrier bars

5. Picking berries

6. Culprit

7. Prankster alters iconic Hollywood sign to read ‘Hollywood’ as new marijuana law begins in California

8. Someone put little gnomes in a tree at my local park

9. Urban ice cream in Osaka, Japan

10. Sharpie shark

11. On/Off

12. Ta-Dah!

13. Drop-In

14. Sculpture hack

15. Whoever did this deserves a f***ing beer

16. Subtle yoyo vandalism

17. Alligator

18. Mini Kong

19. It’s a tiny forest

20. Ufo kidnapping a cow in Dresden