April 22, 2021

15 Times The Genius Actions Of These People Made Us Feel Dumb

Do you know why the world has evolved so far? Because of the curious mind people have, and also because we are lazy and want to invent ways to finish our jobs as fast and with as little effort as possible. (Such a long sentence! 😪😩)

Anyhow, if it wasn’t for these people, we’d still be sending letters through pigeons. And sometimes we wish we were the ones to invent all those simple, yet, genius ways to do things. Still, not all the things on this list are morally-acceptable, so judge wisely before you want to try them out yourself. Let’s get illuminated!

The best thief protection device ever

© Eri_Cherrii / Reddit

That’s probably the most elegant way to fight depression.

© mashathexplorer / Twitter

With this approach, you do not need 21 days to develop a habit.

© Podslyshano / Twitter

We aren’t sure if this is a startup or a tv-series script…

© bronshteinn_ / Twitter

That’s how you can replace a coin to get a shopping cart.

© moiseyka / Pikabu

This is both cute and evil.

© @Podslyshano / Twitter

Rear-view security: now you know how to avoid being watched.

© vo_xv / Reddit

And until such bags are invented, they have to use newspapers to reduce the noise.

© Mr_DrinksOnMe / Twitter

We all want to believe that he is just sentimental.

© Ugin242 / Pikabu

“For $250 an hour, I will pose as a couples therapist and convince your loved one they are wrong about everything.”

© Domasaur_ / Twitter

Warning: the impression on the girl may be way too strong.

© aleksstakhovich / Twitter

A life hack for people that are all out of ideas:

© 0456789123 / Pikabu

This guy possibly never pays for excess luggage. Yet we think he should have enough money to pay a big fine.

© Mr_DrinksOnMe / Twitter

No time to explain, just put the sausage in your pocket!

© future_is_meow / Twitter

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